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Trading Systems – Everything You Need to Know

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Trading systems are technical and can be quite confusing or even daunting especially for first time users. We live in a time where they have certainly taken the world by storm, and with the ever-present online space even more so.

Algorithmic exchanging is a strategy for executing an extensive request utilizing computerized pre-customized exchanging guidelines representing factors, for example, time, cost, and volume to send little cuts of the request (tyke orders) out to the market after some time. They were produced with the goal that merchants don’t have to continually watch a stock and more than once send those cuts out physically. Algorithmic exchanging isn’t an endeavor to influence an exchanging to benefit. It is essentially an approach to limit the cost, advertise effect and hazard in execution of an order. Financial markets with completely electronic execution and comparative electronic correspondence systems created. As more electronic markets opened, other algorithmic exchanging methodologies were presented.

Trading Systems

Trading systems are principles based on a range of interpretations, which establish whether to sell or buy currencies at a particular time. And as a trader you need to understand how these work. In today’s times it has become relatively easy and possible to invest and trade in shares without a broker. But before settling on a trading system that is best suitable to you, it may be worth your while to carefully do your homework first:

  • Which trading system to use?
  • How to identify if a trading system is legit or if it is a scam?
  • Learn the market terminologies and types of trade, and understand what you are doing. Don’t rush, study first!

Know the different types of trading systems:

  • Moving average trading systems

This is considered the most basic of the systems, and one will need to create a simple strategy based moving average crossover.

  • Breakout trading systems

This is based on entering the market once the price moves outside a definite threshold value. There are also two types of breakout trading systems: continuation and reversal.  

  • Countertrend trading systems

Here the main goal is to buy at the lowest low and then to sell off at the highest high.

  • Trend following trading systems

This is a popular investment strategy which involves the technical analysis of market prices, instead of fundamental strengths of companies.

Once you are satisfied with the homework that you have conducted, and believe you are ready to trade, it then boils down to knowing your strategy. When drafting the trading system strategy herewith are 3 questions to ask you:

  1. What will you be buying?
  2. When to buy?
  3. When to sell? When selling, it is a good idea to have a stop-loss rule in place. This will ensure

         That you don’t lose more than you can afford to.

Before you actually go live with any trading, try and backtest the system and strategy with a demo model. Here you can monitor the fundamental data and see how you prosper.

However, befor e signing up with a trading system, first ensure that the trading system complies with international regulatory standards. And further that it is authorized by the international Financial Services Commission. If it is not visible on either the trading system website or International Services Commission website, email a representative and enquire. Also check if there are any negative online testimonials available regarding the relevant trading system.

In the end it is a fact to ponder that nearly all traders lose money at one point in time, and especially when starting out. Therefore believing in your system and upping your strategy is key! Because trading is not about hard work, it is about smart work. 

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