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Computer Care Tips To Keep Your Machine Running Like a Dream!

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In today’s digital world, so much of what we do is online. From work to play to socializing with friends, it’s fair to say it would be a very different world without it. So it makes sense that our devices are extremely important to us, not to mention they’re incredibly expensive! So making sure our technology is running well and protected is in our best interests. Here are some of the ways you can make sure your phone, tablet or computer stays in the best condition possible.

computer’s motherboard

Be Wary With Food and Drink

Far too many of us work through lunch, and with such busy lifestyles sometimes it can’t be helped. If you eat at the computer a lot, it’s easy to get complacent, but one false move and your expensive keyboard or entire laptop are destroyed by a spilt drink. A broken device means you’ll be on looking for something new, and massively out of pocket! If you plan on drinking next to your device, go with a bottle so you can close the lid afterward. Better still, create a rule where you keep liquids away from it entirely. If you do experience liquid being spilt into your device, this is your plan of action. Immediately unplug your laptop and turn it upside down with the screen open. If it’s not a sealed unit, remove the battery and use paper towels to dry off as much of the moisture as you can. The most important step is to not turn it back on for at least forty eight hours, If there’s any moisture when the electricity goes through it, you will burn out the components inside.

Be Wary of Overheating

Putting a laptop onto a soft surface can cause overheating, so if you’re using your device on a bed or on a cushion on the sofa this is something to be aware of. If you have a newer laptop many will be fanless and so you can put these on soft surfaces for longer without them overheating but still be cautious. Particularly if you’re doing something demanding such as gaming or video editing since these will use more power. With your desktop computer, make sure the fan doesn’t become clogged since this can build up with dust, hair and debris and therefore prevent it from working properly. Regularly cleaning it, as well as the room you are sitting in will keep it in the best condition

Only Download Files You Know Are Safe

It’s common knowledge that PCs can get viruses, but Macs can too. So it’s crucial that you take steps to prevent this from happening regardless of the device that you’re on. A bad virus can completely destroy your machine, which can not only be expensive to fix but can result in you losing your files too. Use common sense, never download anything from an untrusted website and be careful opening emails. Generally just think before you click on things, you might think you’re relatively clued up on this stuff but viruses are tricky and fool people into installing them every day.

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