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The Facebook WordPress Plugin Has Arrived

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Facebook and WordPress have not always played nice together. In fact, at times it has been down right irritating trying to get them to coordinate.

With the new Facebook WordPress plugin, a new era of integration has begun. About this will soon write an essay.

Located in the plugin directory (just search “Facebook” and you’ll find it), Facebook for WordPress offers one click publishing to your profile or fan page you administer.

The features don’t stop there, with a full suite of social options built into this plugin, it’s sort of the one stop shop for Facebook and WordPress integration.

Facebook WordPress Plugin

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Facebook for WordPress Plugin Features:

  • one click post published to timeline or fan page (or both)
  • “like” button post integration
  • “subscribe” button
  • “send” button
  • Facebook comments integration
  • “Recommendations” bar
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Like Box Widget
  • Facebook Recent Activity Widget
  • Facebook Recommendation Widget
  • Facebook Like Button Widget
  • Facebook Subscribe Button Widget

Facebook for WordPress Plugin Installation

Installation is a bit more complicated than your average plugin, but only due to the need to create a Facebook App for your site as part of the process.

Have no fear, it’s easier than it sounds and the instructions embedded in the plugin are enough to show you the way.

Step #1: Create the App

Follow the link from the setting plugin page to hop over to Facebook and set up your app.

Facebook WordPress Plugin

Step #2: Set up the App

Once you’re in Facebook, you just need to follow along to set up the app. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it all means just change out the with your website address and you’re golden.

Step #3: Enter Your App ID and App Secret and choose your settings

My Favorite Feature of Facebook for WordPress Plugin

The coolest thing about this whole integration, is the continual move by Facebook towards greater tagging abilities both with friends, pages and keywords.

You can see this in the post edit screen once your plugin is enabled: the ability to tag Pages and Friends when you publish your post:

Not only are they tagged on Facebook, flagging them to the mention, but it also appears on your site before the post. This can also create some great social proof, but very nice blogger good will between friends (and soon to be friends)

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