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Sleep & Mattress Technology: Top Bed Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

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Smart tech is now part of pretty much everything in our lives. No wonder it’s also in our bedrooms – and I’m not referring to the latest flat screens or top-notch stereos, and not even to the smartphone applications which allow us to track our slumber. Evolved technology can be found – literally – in our beds, especially in our mattresses. Its purpose is to help us get a better rest and thus a healthier life.

The mattress industry has come a long way from goose feathers – now it revolves around bright combinations of memory foam, poly foam, gel-infused materials and eco-friendly fabrics. But technology undoubtedly stands as the cherry on the top: I’m talking about thermo-reactive mattress covers that turn body heat into infrared light; or about cooling technologies embedded in the mattress, which fine-tune the temperature our bodies need for a pleasant repose. There are also air-controlled auto-adjusting comfort systems, which can adapt to an individual sleep pattern and establish the level of firmness perfect for sleepers who use that mattress.

Let’s take a brief look at the hottest top trends in mattress technology:

Turning body heat into infrared light

Some manufacturers have included this particular technology in their products (the Celliant Fiber technology). The feature applies mainly to mattress covers, which are made from a fusion of materials capable of converting body heat into infrared light. This action has proven to be extremely beneficial during sleep because it keeps the right temperature of the mattress so that you won’t feel too hot and wake up in the middle of the night.

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Controlling the bedroom environment

Smart mattress covers with outstanding features are becoming more and more popular lately. For instance, the original product developed by Luna: it is designed to control the lights, the music and the temperature in your bedroom, considering your preferences. More than that, the cover is connected to an app which collects information about your sleeping habits; you can review the data and decide what to change or improve. The company also guarantees the safety and protection of all that information about your sleep habits.

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Dual zone technology

Not every mattress or cover comes with this particular feature, but it’s also becoming an attractive and affordable trait. The state-of-the-art product on the market right on is called Eight: a mattress cover with a layer of sophisticated sensors that turn your bed into a smart bunk. This product has it all: advanced algorithms, sleep tracking features (for two people sleeping on the same bed), dual zone warming and the ability to communicate with other Wi-Fi enabled gadgets in your home. It can dim the lights, play your favorite night music, lower the thermostat, lock the door and start your coffee maker if it is Wi-Fi controlled.

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High-class tech and design

If you want high-class design plus revolutionary technology, you should look for the first-class beds that incorporate every piece of exceptional technology in creative, artistic constructions. They will offer the whole package: comfort, connectivity, audio, video, lighting, and elegance. Who wouldn’t adore a hand-crafted wooden bed with smart features, movie screen, LED lights and a video projector?

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