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8 tips for helping children to manage technology

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New technologies are a double-edged sword. They can be very useful for minors since on the one hand, they can be very helpful for their education, entertainment and development; however, they also carry some risks.

Passive vs. Interactive Technology: Of course, not absolutely all technology experiences are equal. Non-interactive or passive technology like television, movie viewing or streaming media provides no opportunities for hands-on learning, which we all know is key for young children’s development. On another hand, interactive media like ebooks, searching on the internet to fix a problem, or trying out educational apps for children have greater potential than passive experiences. Pre-screening is always recommended with either interactive or non-interactive technology.

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Below we offer you a series of tips to protect your children from the dangers that the internet holds for them. Take note!

  1. Avoid prohibiting the use of technology. Children should learn internet usage habits with the lessons they can receive from their parents. In this way, with the passage of time, you can make a more responsible use of this; do not forget that you are their role model.
  2. Awareness to your child of the dangers of the Internet. Talk, and inform them about the importance of the dangers that the internet can entail. Emphasize the importance of being careful with your identity, your data, your photographs, your behavior…
  3. Mark limit times and clear rules of use. Assign a schedule for your children to spend time on social networks or online games. Using the computer must be a reward for the obligations and not a prerequisite to performing them.

When we are sailing, we lose track of time and it flies by. Therefore, help your child to maintain a proper balance between the use of the Internet and other activities.

  1. Find out how the Internet and social networks work. Knowing firsthand how they work and what they are used for where your children surf is very important since in this way you ensure that your children do not enter pages of malicious content. Learn about how to protect your privacy on social networks (photos, comments, friends …) and then transmit it to your child.
  2. Communication is the key to being aware of what your child is doing. Be interested in what you do with the computer, but without it becoming an interrogation.

Respect their privacy and let them know that, in the face of any problem, there is enough trust for their parents to be the first to know. Make it clear that you will always be on your side, trying to help.

  1. Teach him to take care of his actions in the network. Talk to them about the responsibility that their acts in the network have, since many of the young people hide in the anonymity of the network to carry out actions of harassment to other minors, violation of privacy, cyber bullying…

The fact of holding minors responsible for their actions in the network is very important, in this way they will know that this type of actions cannot be carried out.

  1. Browsers in use. Eventually, you can review the history of browsers to control visits to web pages on different devices.
  2. Block offensive sites. By blocking different websites that may be inappropriate for minors, we improve the safety of our children online.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. One of the easiest ways to perform this type of control is the use of different tools that exist in the market, such as parental control app, with which you can ensure the safe use of mobile devices your children.

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