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Can You Spot These 5 Signs That Your Kids Might Need Computer Glasses?

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Our elders always tell us that if we stare at a computer screen or TV screen for a long time, our eyesight might get ruined. All their warnings might actually be true because this has become a compelling issue to deal with in the world today. Younger people especially kids tend to spend most of their time in front of digital screens. All of us parents try really hard to give proper nourishment to our children to keep their health in check and take relative steps to ensure protection of their vision alongside everything else but one cannot escape the effects of blue light on their everyday life. But don’t get worried! You do have a solution for this as well. If you notice these 5 signs in your kids rising, it might be the time to get them a pair of computer glasses or lenses to ensure the safety of their vision & block of the digital glare.

Computer Glasses

  • Your child spends more than 2-3 hours in front of their laptop or PC screen:

There is a 90% chance of developing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) if your kid is spending over 2-3 hours in front of the Laptop, PC or any sort of digital screen. This makes it necessary for them to have some sort of protective measure against the blue light they are exposed to from those screens continuously.

The computer lenses or digital block coating fights the glare and the incoming blue light so it doesn’t damage your child’s eyes, either in short or in longer time exposure.

  • They use social media apps all day long:

90% of teenagers use all kinds of social apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and countless others every day. They update their statuses, post their selfies and chat all together too within seconds. According to new research, teens spend more time on social media as compared to even sleeping! All this will surely lead to distorted and blurred vision if the eyesight is not taken care of and there isn’t a proper protective gear over the eyes of your kids.

  • Their typing game is unbeatable:

Kids these days are constantly shifting from their laptops to their phones or even using both at the same time. They will be chatting using their phone, downloading stuff on their laptop while gaming with their friends and watching TV too! All that screen-time will definitely take a toll on their vision, constantly exhausting it as the day goes on.

Adding the protection of computer lenses to the equation will surely make things a lot more better, as they can stare at as many screens as they want without getting their vision damaged.

  • They watch TV for over 2 hours:

Teens spend lots of time watching TV if they’re not using their phones. The same problem arises that they’re being exposed to a digital screen which will wear their eyes out. Although watching television with digital block coating or lenses changes the scenario altogether!

  • Video gaming is more preferable than going out:

Most children prefer running in video games in this era rather than in their backyard. If your child is a gamer, his or her eyes will be more strained than usual kids because gaming requires focus and concentration. Smaller screens mean they’ll be focusing of hard-to-see and difficult details & wider TV or PC screens means combating a larger area of blue light.

         If your child shows any of these sign, it’s time to get them a pair of computer lenses or anti-blue light glasses. That will certainly keep their vision safe and keep you out of worry!

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. The good news is, computer glasses are the best solution to both of these problems!

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