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25 Best Software Development Blogs in 2018

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With the right software blog, almost anyone can establish a solid understanding of the science. For starters, users get a comprehensive idea of the basics of software development using different tools and techniques. And secondly, these blogs also empower you with the knowledge of how to monetize your software development hobby or business. So, without further ado, let us look into the top 25 software blogs of 2018:

Web Development


Dzone is perhaps the best software development blog around; it hosts tutorials, offers insights into latest tools, and provides the latest software development insights. With over a million followers, the blog deals with a number of topics like Agile, Big Data, Cloud services, database integration, Java code and application development, to name a few.


Java Code for Geeks is a place where first-time users can learn and practice JAVA online. The tutorial portal offers beginners the perfect interface to practice and improve their coding skills. Users also get access to Java books, examples, and the latest news – all under one platform.


GeeksforGeeks is portal that caters to all tech-savvy users, software geeks, and coders who want to interact with like-minded people and get the latest updates on what’s going on in the software development industry. Read up detailed articles on the hardware and internal workings of computers, and nuances of various programming languages etc.

Github Blog

If you are looking for a place to practice your coding skills, then Github is your best option. Here, users can find examples of simple, clean codes without any of the hassles and complexities. Other than that, you can also browse through the articles on DevOps tools and software management practices.


TheDailyWTF takes a different approach when it comes to software development advice. Instead of offering the right tips and tutorials, the blog shows all that can go wrong in your code. Here you can check out posts by several users that recount tales of disastrous programming.

Toptal Blog

Toptal is the perfect destination for coders who want in-depth information on all the advanced programmes currently popular in the market of software development. Here, you get access to information on backend development, front-end programming, mobile application development, Agile project management, web designing and more.

Docker blog

The Docker Blog gives you all the information about the Docker software right from scratch. A platform popular among both novice coders and professionals, the blog offers real-life examples, case studies, practice sets, latest stats and more.


JS playground, as the name suggests, is a blog that deals with Java. People looking for some help with Javascript Framework React would find the platform very helpful. Gather all the tips, solutions and articles you need to develop using Javascript the right way.

Atlassian blog

If you love Agile then Atlassian Blog is the place for you. Here you get everything from quick tips, ready-made solutions, tutorials, and other help for mastering the Agile framework. First-time users would love the practical approach, live testing, status report and the newsfeed interface. is a blog developed by a group of professionals who want to share their expertise on a variety of topics like Javascript, Angular 2, Node.js, PHP, Docker and other areas of software development.

Twitter Engineering Blog

The Twitter Engineering blog is great for anyone who’s on Twitter and wants to boost their web presence. Developed and maintained by the professional engineers from Twitter, the place gives you all the insider information real-life case studies, authentic statistics, personal hacks and more.

Apiumhub blog

Apiumhub is for people who want to learn more about software development and software architecture. Get the latest information on a variety of topics like Agile, IOS, Android app development, PHP, DDD, TDD, CI, SOLID, Javascript, Node, js, Angular, backend services, and a lot more.


Dev Humour is where coders can unwind and relax after a hectic day at the office. Yes, this is the place where you get all the trending memes, posts, jokes, real-life anecdotes, and other fun stuff by like-minded coders.

Scruminc blog

Scrum Inc is a blogging platform where you can get all the latest updates on the software development practices, coding tools and more. Here you can also read up on the success stories of professional coders, get the best tutorials, and access effective analytics solutions.


CodingHorror is a quirky blogging space that deals with the humorous aspect of software development. Expect posts on the troubles of coding, memes, the human complexities involved when dealing with programming languages, and loads of jokes.


Furbo is where you’ll find all the titbits and juicy details about the latest website development practices, e-commerce trends, and tips. If you are a tech-savvy person always on the lookout for news on the various new platforms and software launched, then Furbo is the place for you.

Ray Wunderlich

At the Ray Wunderlich blog, you’ll find everything there is to know about iOS and Android application development. Get the latest news on the IT industry, some quick tips on coding, practice tutorials for Swift, Mac and testing grounds for C#, JSON and more.

RisingStack Engineering

The RisingStack Engineering blog caters to the more advanced coders who have a basic knowledge of software development. You’d love the platform if Javascript and Node.js are among your interests. Other hot topics discussed here are TDD, callback hell, features of clean coding among other things.

Dave Sexton’s blog

Dave Sexton’s blog is where all your concerns about C# resolve for good. Other than that the blog also deals with a variety of other topics like the .NET framework of Microsoft, SQL database management, the software architecture of various programming languages and more.


Pantech is a blog that deals with Android applications and website development solutions. You can meet and read up on the personal experiences of coders from all over the world. Here, visitors even get insights into domain driven designing, TDD, MVP, functional programming, continuous integration systems and more.

AWS developer blog

Professionals who need to just brush up their coding skills and learn more about the latest trends in the IT sector would find the AWS blog very useful. You can find an extensive range of topics covering everything from Java, NET, PHP to OOP languages like C++ and website development.


Ocramius is a place where all aspiring developers and coders can team up to learn the basics of software engineering. The intuitive interface offers loads of interesting tutorials on topics like DDD, Akka, micro servicing, PHP, Junit, Docker, and Android etc.

Martin Fowler’s Blog- Microservices

If you want to learn all about Object Oriented Programming Languages aka OOPS then Martin Fowler’s Blog on Microservices is your best bet. Here you get detailed information on smart micro servicing, factoring, Agile and other hot topics trending in the IT industry.


The blog developed by Carlos Buenosvinos provides delightful insights into the complex world of website development, PHP, DevOps, Scrum and other coding languages. First-time users and professionals will greatly benefit from the Extreme Programming Tutorials that teach you the basics of domain designing and web hosting.

If you are new to the software development and want to learn the ropes of coding, these blogs are a lifesaver.

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