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Audials Music Zoom Review

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A Meta Search Engine for All Music from Your Stars

The new version of the desktop app Audials Music Zoom offers you an entertaining 3D universe full of music from all your time favorite music stars and allows you to discover new music of your preferred genres on a single platform. You can dive into this universe and listen to single songs or the entire discography of more than 3,000,000 musicians and bands.

The music map is organized into galaxies of music genres, in which the stars are singers shown with photo. You can zoom into the unlimited number of music genres to discover more and more artist names.

You can also type in specific artist names into the search field to be guided to only one artist. This allows you to get a list with all songs and music videos that are retrieved from platforms including YouTube, Veoh, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Soundcloud. This gives you the convenience of making a selection of your preferred music tracks available till date and directly enjoy the music.

Audials Music Zoom

User Benefit

One main benefit offered to you with Audials Music Zoom is the selection from a large number of music tracks that paid streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music do not offer in this quantity. The free Audials Music Zoom app also gives you detailed information related to every artist and associated artist for any soundtrack or music album.

  • You just have to select your preferred artist or musical track from the search list, click on it and the app will start playing the song immediately in superior quality.
  • The app searches for pieces of music in the best quality through multiple platforms including YouTube, Dailymotion and others.
  • The search process is performed by Audials Music Zoom very fast and it provides users with instant results so you do not have to wait while streaming the audio or video content.
  • Audials Music Zoom is powered by Artificial Intelligence and monitors 50,000 online radios constantly to build the music universe and the relation among the artists.

Using Audials Music Zoom

One main benefit of this app is that it offers users with direct search functionality. You just have to type in the artist name and the app will guide you to the musician or band on the music map.

So you will get to complete discographies of artists within your selected area and listen to the type of music you like most. Audials Music Zoom offers you a completely new way of entertainment with music.

Additional Features

The app also guides you to one genre, when you type it into the search field. Moreover, you can simply zoom in and out to discover more genres and artists. The functionality is available with a mouse click or on touch screens.

You can browse through different genres. The closer the genres and artists are placed on the music map, the more similar they are. The more popular the artist are, the bigger will they be shown in the music universe.


The Audials Music Zoom app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets is a great and innovative musical search engine that offers you to conveniently enjoy all the music you want to listen to. Try it out today and download the freeware that is also free of commercial on your PC or tablet from the Microsoft Store: 

General Review:

Name: Audials Music Zoom

Publisher: Audials AG

Category: Music

Language supported: US English

Hardware: Available for PC (Personal Computer) and Tablet

Operating System: Windows 10 – x86

Memory: 2 GB

Download size: 170.15 MB

Installation: Microsoft Store

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