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Best Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

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Your smartphone is probably never far from your side – we all grab our phones before we head out of the door in the morning and we seldom put them down unless we really have to, for the rest of the day.

Of course, you have to pay for that cell phone in cell plans, data and of course, the cost of charging it up every evening, so, why not put that smartphone to work for you?

There are numerous apps and platforms that will enable you to make money using your phone, so if you’re always on yours, it makes sense to make a little (or a lot) on the side with yours….

Following is a selection of 5 awesome iOS apps that will help you manage your money like a pro.

Bill Tracker is handy little app that does exactly what it says – helps you track your bills

Investment Apps

There are numerous investment apps such as roofstock real estate investing and MyStocks, which makes it easier than ever to invest in the stock market, that you can actually use to make the big bucks, providing you have the capital to invest in the first place anyway. These kinds of apps are probably the most lucrative ways to make money with your smartphone, but there are plenty of other things you can do to boost your bank balance from the comfort of your phone.

Sell Your Photos

There are numerous platforms, including Shutterstock and Alamy, which will allow you to sell your photos. Since the cameras on smartphones are getting better all the time, why not start taking a few snaps wherever you go and uploading them online for the chance to earn a little extra?


Swagbucks is probably one of the best-known platforms for making extra money online, and you can do it on your smartphone. Basically, you will be tasked with completing various small tasks, such as watching videos or completing surveys, for which you will receive points, Once you have enough points ($3 worth) you can cash out or even get paid in gift cards. You probably won’t make a lot of money doing this, but if you have some time to spare and your phone is in your hand, there are worse things you could do!

Make Youtube Videos

As well as having a camera, your phone has the ability to be used as a recording device too. That means that you can use it to start creating Youtube videos. The best Vloggers on that particular platform earn millions of dollars form what they do, so you can see how it could be lucrative if you have a winning personality and a great idea, anyway!


CashCrate is another platform that turns your phone into a money-making machine. Basically, you will earn money for every game you play or survey you fill in. You can also earn cash for referring friends too.Like Swagbucks, the returns aren’t huge, but it can be a lot of fun because CashCrate has a great community, and again, it’s better than wasting time on some apps where you won’t earn anything but a sore thumb!

Do you make money on your smartphone? How do you do it?

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