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Top 6 Essential Phone Features for Startup Entrepreneurs

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Mobile phones allow for an unparalleled degree of responsiveness and agility. They give startup entrepreneurs an edge over their competitors because they allow them to easily manage their business wherever they may be. That said, you cannot just get any old phone and use it to run your enterprise. There are vital features that your phone must have for it to become an effective business tool.

Phone Features for Startup

Here are six important features your mobile phone must have for you to run your business efficiently while on-the-move.

1. Reliable Communication and Messaging

To successfully run a business, reliable communication is crucial. From your loved ones to your customers, to investors and potential business partners, entrepreneurs must regularly manage scores of different relationships. Texting, chat apps, email and social media are already an indispensable part of your business kit.

Missing a single message can upset your relationship with your business contacts just because you are flipping through different accounts and applications to check your messages. With a phone that allows you to keep all your accounts, notifications and messages in one place, you can avoid stress and save time as well as have more energy to run your business.

2. Excellent File Storage and Access

Your organizational skills are crucial when running a business. You can’t have your financial information, customer details and other pertinent data loosely floating around the cloud. You have to keep everything easily accessible for your business to survive. This means keeping all e-documents organized and stored in a secure but accessible location.

Once you have set up this filing system, you can easily access the e-paperwork through your phone. Being able to open, view or send documents even when you are not in your office is a matter of using the right smartphone. So make sure that your device has an excellent file management system that lets you securely view, edit, store and organize all important documents.

3. Effective Calendar Management

Entrepreneurs have complex and hectic daily schedules. For you not to miss any meetings or important tasks, you must invest in a smartphone with an easy-to-use and effective calendar management feature.

Aside from providing basic calendar functions, your calendar must also keep your email, notifications, and appointments organized. Most importantly, it must do so across all applications and devices you use. This way, you can significantly reduce burnout and stress in the process as well as streamline time management.

4. Long Battery Life

When running a business on mobile, you don’t always have access to an outlet or a charger. During those times, you cannot afford to use a smartphone that has a weak battery because you might miss a business opportunity or lose a loyal customer. Finding a device with a reliable and long-lasting battery is crucial.

5. Topnotch Security

Security is one of the most crucial features to consider when searching for the best smartphone for your business.

Make sure that your device can keep vital information from prying eyes. Though reliable mobile security solutions can protect your information, you should also be able to depend on the kind of device you use. Instead of choosing the latest model in a line of famous consumer phones, consider picking one that is built for security. This way, your trade secrets won’t be leaked to your competitors.

6. Device Syncing

As a businessperson, you most likely use your laptop, desktop and smartphone interchangeably throughout the day. Using multiple devices is already a part of your lifestyle.

To facilitate seamless operations via your different web-enabled devices, you must use a smartphone that lets you sync pertinent information between multiple devices without interfering with the workflow. Though you can use an application that allows you to do such, it is better for you to invest in a smartphone that has this feature built in.

When deciding which smartphone to buy for your startup, it is crucial for you to consider these six essential features. The success of your business will greatly depend on them.

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Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

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