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Why Should You Use Digital Menu Boards With Touchscreen Feature in Your Restaurant?

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It is common knowledge that touch screens have significantly altered our lives, and mostly for good. Touchscreen technology has been around for a long while, almost since the 1970s, but it is only during the last decade that touch screens have reached this high amount of popularity. In this article, you will learn why you ought to consider using touchscreens in your restaurant’s menu boards as an upgrade for your current digital menu boards. Keeping in pace with technological advancement is always a good idea if you want your brand to gain recognition.

Digital Menu Boards

Popularity of this technology

Touchscreen technology has today touched various aspects of our everyday lives. It is used today in smartphones, television, tablets, washing machines, and microwave ovens. In fact, touchscreens are so popular that many folks almost expect every screen to be a touchscreen. You can even find many people touching the screens on their old CRT monitors. Today in the advertising and promotional world, marketers use touchscreen technology for various types of electronic boards.

These boards are highly interactive

One of the ideal features of touch screens and touch screen enabled electronic boards is that these boards are highly interactive. Ordinary digital displays simply function as one-way mediums. An interactive electric board will, however, give you a chance to convey information in a more friendly way with potential customers. Thus, you can make your promotional content and advertisements a more two-way medium in which people will be able to do much more than to only look at the pictures of your food items and products. Touchscreen menu boards will also help you to get data about your customers as you can collect relevant information regarding your target audience.

The boards will add more life to your restaurant

As you can confer from what we have discussed so far, electronic display boards are way more fun and attractive than the old static display boards. However, both of these boards are more or less ignored by customers at the end of the day. You will notice people always passing by digital display boards all the time without really ever glancing at the boards for a few moments. However, when you have a touchscreen display board, you will be inviting the populace to come and stop by to learn and understand about the products which you have to offer in an engaging and a fun manner.

These boards are impressive

First impressions are important. When you have a touchscreen menu board, you will be able to impress your potential clients easily. It will have a good impact and enhance your brand’s image. When you use such a medium for your advertising, you will present a progressive image of your company. The boards represent the way of the future. It is not that difficult to imagine that one day very soon it might be so that all menu boards would have gone digital. However, you must not wait for this eventuality to come. You can bring this path-breaking innovation first yourself.


It is, of course, understandable that you might be concerned with the quality of the touchscreens available before you make your purchase. Remember that it will do you good to pay a bit more to get a better product as far as durability and longevity are concerned. Also, touchscreens are easily repairable, so you would not have to worry about whether spare parts would be available or not. Find a reliable digital displays software provider to unsure that you get quality touchscreen display boards.


You can put a host of features on these touchscreen menu boards. Display the photos of your food items, and when customers touch the photo, it will reveal further information like the price of the product, the ingredients which you have put in it, and nutritional information and much more. The photo can be zoomed in to reveal additional details. Also you can add a small video presentation showing the food item is prepared. All these will only intrigue the customer even more and grab their attention. You can also put in interactive games for children to engage in while they wait for their food to arrive.


The size of the boards will no doubt vary. For your display boards outside, of course, the size has to be large, and it does not necessarily have to be touch screen if you hang the board over the doorway, but for your displays on the sides, you can put 100 inches displays which will surely grab eyeballs. Inside of the main informational boards, use standard 72 inches monitors. For your menu boards, however, use sizes around 49 inches because they will be highly optimum and easy to view from close range also. Do remember to even out the brightness and the contrasts of the screens.

You can get a variety of designs for both traditional static boards and digital boards online at a range of affordable prices which could no doubt add more glamour to your restaurant menu board.


The development of digital menu boards has no doubt brought many advantages to business owners and retailers. Digital menu boards can display not only textual content but also audio, video and animated information and contents. They provide more detailed information to consumers and customers with much ease. Also, the information displayed on these boards can be updated or changed without any hassles. The more innovative version of these display boards are the touch screen menu boards which are way more interactive and fun to use. Customers can use it by themselves to get more information about any product they want. It will reduce their dependability on in-store staffs. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have gained more knowledge about touchscreen menu boards.

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