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5 Android Apps That You Should Try In 2018

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Android is the most used smartphone platform with over a billion users in the market with competition only with Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Windows which seems to have receded from the smartphone industry. The buck doesn’t stop here, when you hear that there are around 3.5 million apps on the Play Store to choose from. This is sure to put a user into grave shock as to which apps are the best as one can’t go around giving every app a try. Though one can always look out for the top-rated apps but even then, the number don’t reduce significantly since everybody is trying to get better.

Android Apps

  1. Datally

Google is what created Android and so is this app so if you are not disappointed by Android, there’s no harm in trying Datally. Though, most manufacturers with heavy skins like Xiaomi (MIUI) provide tweaks and twerks to their skins to provide this feature as an inbuilt, stock Android users for their light experience can download Datally to measure and restrict their periodical mobile data usage. It also offers data saver mode wherein, it automatically detects unnecessary data usage and prevents the app from exploiting data anymore.

  1. Lawnchair Launcher

It is quite inevitable that after a while you get bored with the UI or in simpler words the user experience of your software. That is where launchers come into play and offer your boredom a respite. Pixel phones evidently have the smoothest software experience by far in almost all Android devices and Lawnchair launcher offers a similar user experience with similar gestures and graphical interface. It also offers the Google feed on swiping left just like the pixel phones. It also throws in a significant amount of gestures to quick toggle to your favourite app.

  1. Firefox Focus

Security is one of the greatest issue one might be concerned about right now given the current online scenario with many data breaches and hacks coming into limelight. Firefox Focus also destroys cookies and all browsing history once the tab closes. It has a very easy to use interface and a minimal look and design. If you are into browsing then this app might be the best pick for you for not just security reasons but speed too.

  1. Snapseed

Smartphones nowadays are getting so independent that you do not require anything else with you if you are carrying a smartphone. If you are one of those who clicks on a lot of photographs with your smartphone, this is one of the best editing apps you can find. Another Google app on our list leaves no stone unturned when it comes to editing with perfection. A simple and easy to use UI with professional looking features compressed in a beautiful app. It provides top-notch editing features like layering your edits and removing and adding them as you like. This app suggests that we are very close to bridging the gap between smartphones and desktops.

  1. Grammarly Keyboard

We sure do a lot of texting and typing on our smartphones. While most keyboards that come pre-installed do have features like word suggestions and auto-correct, there is one extra benefit that Grammarly offers is that it also checks on your grammar and not just the words you type. Imagine typing an important mail and making grammatical errors in the sentence. Conventional keyboard might not warn you about it but Grammarly lets you know alternative to make the sentence sound grammatically correct.

This list was chosen for few best apps in different categories that can ease out your tasks and make your smartphone even smarter. Instead of having to look among a million apps to find the right fit for you, these apps should just be the ones you have always been looking for. So, until developers come out with better options and make things smarter, these are what dominate the arena for now.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. This browser primarily focuses mostly on security and blocks all ads and trackers making it difficult to track your activity online and preventing you from getting hacked through Lego Ways.

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