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How to Secure Your iPhone when Traveling Abroad

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Your iPhone is one of the best and likely your most used travel tool. You can book plane tickets, use it as a map, find restaurants, learn languages, and so much more. It’s important that you keep it safe as it makes your travels a whole lot more convenient. In this article, we have listed down a couple tips to help you keep your iPhone secure during your entire trip.

Secure Your iPhone

Use a screen protector

With all the moving around that comes with traveling, it is almost next to impossible to avoid cracks and scratches on your iPhone’s screen. What is worse is when you accidentally drop your phone and shatter your screen. Having a screen fixed doesn’t come cheap.

Getting a screen protector can mean the difference between having to buy a new iPhone or having to just change your screen protector. They usually come cheap too, making them easier to obtain.

Use a protective case 

A protective phone case should be your second line of defense for your phone. iPhone cases come in different sizes and materials. It’s best to get one that fully covers your phone, protecting it from even the harshest of falls. Avoid cases that are too thin and are solely used for aesthetic purposes as your phone may still be damaged severely after a fall. If you are traveling to somewhere with a lot of water-related activities, consider getting a waterproof case.

Keep it in the hotel safe

Whether you are hiking up a mountain or going scuba-diving, there are times in a trip where you will not be using your phone at all. When this happens, don’t just leave your iPhone by the nightstand. You never know how secure a hotel is.

Make use of your hotel’s security amenities and keep it in a safe. This is one of the ways to ensure your phone’s safety while you leave it behind.

Set a strong password

When constantly moving from place to place, there is a chance for your iPhone to get left behind or even stolen. You should be proactive for such incidents. Your iPhone holds a lot of personal information. To keep people away from it, you should lock your phone with a strong password.

If your phone has biometric protection, you should make use of that feature as well. That way, when someone else gets a hold of your phone and wants to use it maliciously, they won’t be able to do so.

Turn off Bluetooth pairing

Enabling your iPhone’s Bluetooth feature makes it an open invitation for hackers to probe through your device. You should switch your Bluetooth off at all times when you are not using it. Aside from being a security risk, leaving your Bluetooth on also drains your device’s battery, which is something you will surely need when traveling abroad.

Turn on “Find My Phone”

The iPhone’s “Find my Phone” feature is incredibly useful when you’ve misplaced it. It uses your phone’s location services to track where it is, pointing it out its exact location. You will need another device to pinpoint where it is located. Make sure you enable this beforehand, as you will not be able to use this feature when it is turned off.

Wrapping up

Your iPhone can be the ultimate travel accessory. With all the conveniences it provides, you definitely don’t want it to be broken, hacked, or stolen during your trip. This tool in itself can be the reason you have a great vacation or a bad one. Hopefully with these tips, you can keep your phone safe and secure wherever you go.

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