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Quick Tips to Improve Mobile Signal in Rural Areas

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Rural and far-flung areas can be a challenge for mobile phone users. You have to contend with limited service coverage, and varying degrees of connectivity while in these regions. Mobile Internet is almost unusable given the weak reception, and even if you do get a steady connection, it’s bound to be slow.

Improve Mobile Signal

Fortunately, there are many ways to troubleshoot poor mobile reception in rural locales. It can be as simple as replacing your smartphone case, or getting a new gadget for use at your pad. Let’s explore some of these tips below.

Know where the cell sites are

Cell site line-of-sight and distance plays a significant part in mobile signal strength. Knowledge of where these cell towers are can help you determine whether a rural location has strong reception or not. Generally, the closer you are and the better your line-of-sight is to the cell sites, the stronger your signal strength will be.

Check your cell phone case

Something as simple as your protective casing can have a big impact on your mobile reception. Certain smartphone cases are made of materials that can block signals and degrade your reception. A quick removal of your case can easily reveal whether its the main culprit.

Get some altitude

Go to the top floor of your house, or a nearby high vantage point in the area, and you’ll probably see an improvement in your mobile signal strength. That’s because there are fewer obstructions between you and the nearby cell tower, affording you better line-of-sight.

Get out of the basement or cellar

Underground areas usually have bad to no mobile reception, due to lack of line-of-sight and signal blockage. Mobile signals are easily blocked by soil, and man-made construction materials such as concrete, brick, and steel. It’s the reason why the typical underground parking lot is a mobile dead zone.

Lessen the foliage in the area

Believe it or not, trees and shrubbery can easily disrupt cellular signals. Foliage can absorb and reflect mobile signals, making forests and woodlands troublesome for mobile phone users. Lessening the trees and thick shrubbery in an area can improve its reception. If you’re in the middle of the woods, however, it’s going to be tough to get reliable connectivity to your mobile provider.

Pick a different mobile carrier

If your current mobile provider’s service is too unreliable and spotty for your needs, then you might want to try the other carriers in the area. Not all mobile carriers are created equal, after all. Get some feedback from other mobile users and find out which is the better choice for your area.

Get a signal booster

This can be a hefty investment, but it’s almost a surefire way to significantly increase the signal strength of an area. Signal booster kits take in existing signals and amplify them for rebroadcast over a given coverage. Some signal booster kits are carrier-specific, so be sure to get the appropriate device for your needs. If you’re on Cricket, use a Cricket signal booster kit. Note that signal boosters don’t work in areas without carrier service.

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