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5 Ways to Create a Rock-Solid Brand Reputation Online

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When it comes to your brand online, your reputation counts the most. What happens on Facebook rarely stays on Facebook and so you have to be on the ball to manage your online brand correctly.

Reputation Management

In this post, we will look at five ways you can create a rock-solid brand reputation online.

Getting Social Media Right

We are talking about building an online reputation, so you knew that social media would feature here. We cannot overemphasize just how important it is in helping solidify your brand reputation.

It has to be handled correctly, though. Start off by choosing just one or two channels at most. Remember that you will need to post different versions of content to each different channel, and that will be time-consuming even if you just have one channel.

Choose posts that match your brand image. Is your brand sassy and fun? Then make the posts match. Is it more serious and intellectual? Ditto.

Schedule time to post, preferably on a daily basis and have a clear strategy about what you are posting about. Choose the channel that has the most impact on your target market.

Your Facebook Fan Page

According to Statista, there are over 1.94 billion active users per month on the platform. There are many tools there that will help you to build your statistics. It also gives your clients a central location to reach you if and when they need to.

Use it as both a place to attract new business and a place for your existing clients to interact with you. Slow and steady is the key here – A healthy increase in followers is around 3% to 5% per month, so don’t expect overnight success here.

The advantage of offering customer service through so public a medium is that you can really shine when it comes to dealing with compliments and complaints and everyone can see it.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is where you create content that sets you up as an industry expert. The idea here is not so much to sell to people, but rather to show off your expertise. Take time to create excellent content and share it with trade journals or related sites.

Blogger Outreach

In this case, you reach out to a blogger who has some form of influence in the community that you are targeting. It is important to choose well here – you need someone who would be a good representative for your brand.

You also want to make sure that their influence will benefit you. Take Kim Kardashian, for example. She has millions of followers and, if she posts about a product, it is bound to be a success.

So, in theory, she would be a good fit for a brand looking to make a name for themselves. But what if you are a hardware store in some small town that no one has ever heard of? Even assuming you could afford to get her to mention your brand, how much good would it do?

Look for bloggers that can help your business. This does not have to mean those with the most followers.

Get Some Help

Sometimes managing your online reputation means that you need a bit of help. The primary thing with everything online now is that people want access to answers immediately. In the past, this meant hiring someone to sit and monitor your page and social media.

Now, this can be handled quite efficiently by software. AI has advanced to the level where it can understand natural language and answer a lot of the simple questions people ask. Where the answer is too complex, it can refer it up the line.

Maintaining a rock-solid reputation means being a rock star of sorts. While the rock star lifestyle seems glamorous and effortless, there is a lot of work behind the scenes that we don’t get to see. All we get to experience is the magic, and that is the best way to develop your brand.

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