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Practical Tips for Web Design Businesses to Excel on Social Media

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Social media is getting tougher day by day for businesses which are using it for promotional purposes. No doubt that it’s a goldmine for brands to dig out more prospective customers and also to maintain a healthy relationship with the existing by properly engaging them. It takes a lot of thoughts and efforts to develop and maintain a winning social media strategy. However, the fact is that most of the brands are spending a substantial amount on it by identifying social media as the best customer relation platform.

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We can take it for granted that customers of different demographics, age, and gender now spend a lot of time online by viewing and buying things. It was a significant shift from conventional physical marketplaces to e-commerce where the millennials spend most of their time. With so many users on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, leveraging this potential for brand awareness, marketing, customer relations are an inevitable task for all sorts of businesses.

Some key 2018 social media stats for marketers

Some random facts for marketers to know about social media from the latest surveys are as below.

  • About 74% of male and 82% of female social media users are there on Facebook. 
  • 83% of female social media users are there on Instagram whereas the percentage of men on this platform is pretty low as 26%. 
  • About 81% of the millennial are active on Twitter and checks the feeds at least once a day.
  • Now, about 91% of the users access social media using their mobile devices.
  • About 22% of the total population of the globe now uses Facebook.
  • Facebook stay as the most popular social media platform in the US by covering almost 79% of the total internet users in America.
  • Instagram stands second with about 32% of total internet users active on this platform. LinkedIn and Twitter are in the 20s.
  • 51% of the users on Instagram access their feeds daily, and about 35% do it several times a day. 
  • About 60% of the Americans think that customer service is easier through social media for real-time resolutions.
  • Tweets with pictures get about 20% more clicks than those without images.
  • About 88% of the businesses having more than 50 employees use Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes.

With all these statuses and more, social media can be considered as the No.1 resource now for improving the brand awareness, reach to more prospective customers, and build a trustworthy relationship with the customers and clients.

Social media marketing for designing

Further, in this article, we will discuss some of the top social media tips for the web design and development marketers to practice for the best results.

  1. Do consistent branding of social media pages

Keep a check of all your social media images as profile photos and also the posts. If you offer web designing and development services and don’t maintain your social media pages with the desired level of perfection, your potential clients will surely take it as your incompetence at work.

Nowadays, you can identify your social media presence as your first impression to potential clients, so one should work closely on it to make it perfect. Consistency in branding means reliability from a customer perspective.

One should make sure that you maintain a consistent branding strategy across all social media channels. For this, ensure that the logo is kept the same and the color schemes are consistent, which go along well with the brand specifics.

“On social media, using communication in a fun way and tuning our content to a more approachable personal voice will give the marketers an opportunity to interact with the audience more intimately.” She also adds the point that “Taking this approach will help potential customers too to expect what they may get from us and take imitative to personalize the communications more.”

  1. Crafting profile section carefully

On maintaining social media accounts for your business, profile part acts as the bridging between your business website and the followers on social media. Playing this vital role, don’t underestimate the importance of profile building on social media accounts. You have to accurately and precisely describe who you are and what you do for the potential customers to have an easy understanding of your brand and services/products to contact you.

The character count allowed on social media profiles is usually limited, so have to be careful and minimalist while preparing the profile. Should also do some SEO related research to include the best available keywords relevant to your business to be naturally included in the profile text. The character count defers across the platforms, and some social media websites offer a higher count, but it is better to maintain a consistent profile across the board.

  1. Display the reviews and comments

More reviews mean more acceptance. You have to relate reviews to the real-life example as below:

Suppose if you are walking down the street looking for a good restaurant to eat. You’ve noticed a couple of them around the corner; one seems to be a bit busy and has some people sitting inside whereas the other one looks empty. Which one would you prefer to choose?

Similarly, social proof as a marketing strategy has a significant impact on consumer decisions, and it is always ideal for you to get maximum of it regarding reviews and comments on you. Having excellent or neutral client reviews on Facebook and Instagram pages acts as excellent social proof of your acceptance among the consumers. When a potential customer chooses among you and a competitor, you may want to have more stellar reviews which go in-depth than simply star rating.

When it comes to promoting web designing, you can also share some work examples through social platforms, which in turn reaches to more potential clients and generate some prospective leads. Both web designing and social media marketing are creative industries, so you need to leverage that potential to meet the objectives. Try to use informative graphics, motion pictures, and short videos too to draw attention. Develop content that matches the nature of each platform and strategically administer it to stay on top of the follower’s mind and prompt them to engage.

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