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The Evolution Of Automation In Manufacturing

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Technological advancements have seen the success and evolution of manufacturing automation. Automation in simple terms refers to the taking of redundant tasks and designing a system that automatically executes them. We shall discuss some of the steps and process that led to modern day automation advancements.

Evolution Of Automation

Automation Benefits

When automation was first introduced, the safety and general working conditions of the workers were put at risk. It has now evolved from that to collaborative robots which are able to work alongside workers. Use of new technology such as cloud computing tools has also greatly induced the evolution of manufacturing automation. The system is set up on remote servers which are hosted on the internet (cloud). This means that the information and functions of the cobot are stored and processed on the cloud. It also makes it remotely accessible and more secure, compared to a local server.

Evolution also applies to the older models. Upgrading the system of an older model allows one to still use the machine effectively without having to upgrade it to a newer model. Improving an age-old hardware by adding a newer system and function tends to save money. Universal robots provide one with this option through their online showroom. The system is extremely simple to use and is also multipurpose in the sense that your robot can perform more than one function.

Opting for manufacturing automation is a move that has cast a lot of speculation in companies. For one, the replacement of employees with machines creates a whole lot of conversation. Contrary to this belief, cobots are made to assist the employees rather than replace them. The sensory features that are programmed into the cobots make them completely symbiotic in the work environment. For instance, cobot are programmed to slow down or stop when it senses an employee or movement in general.

Companies have also found it advantageous to expend a large amount of manufacturing jobs in less developed markets. This is due to the low labor costs in such markets. Manufacturing ends up taking a large sum of production in the long run. Manufacturing and production decisions are mostly made with regards to the reduction of costs. This is ideal when it comes to cobots. The option of renting these machines for a period of time creates an affordable way to achieve low costs in manufacturing. The focus is shifted to resources which in turn reflect on the finished product. Renting the cobots has allowed small and medium enterprises to also use them without having to deal with capital for buying the robots. The simplicity if their system doesn’t require extensive training of employees who need to use them which also cuts on cost. As we can see, this evolution is also reflected in the cost of manufacturing.

The new age collaborative robots are proving to create a change across all industries. The robots do the rote work as the employees are given an opportunity to make the best out of their work. About 4% of the manufacturing labor is automated this number is rising as the technological advancements improve. We see that this evolution has even altered the competitive landscape in industries. The robots provide efficiency and proficiency that hasn’t been seen in manufacturing machines.

The first robots to be created were rigid in their functions. This means that they were created solely to perform one function. This is different with the cobots. They are versatile in every sense of the word. A UR10 can be used as an egg packing machine or as an operating arm in the medical theatre. This all depends on the user’s intention.

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