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Top 5 Free Photo Recovery Software to Get Your Lost Photos and Videos Back

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Photos serve as the best memories of life including celebrations, moments, and occasions; hence they are very dear to us. Photos allow us to remember our best memories forever. This is why it could be unnerving if you find out all your photos are lost.

Photo Recovery

Instead of acting awfully frustrated, you should look for effective and reliable photo recovery software that can help you get your lost photos and videos back. In this post, we will discuss the best photo recovery software that you can avail for free.

  1. ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery)

Zero Assumption Recovery is one of the best photo recovery software for recovering lost photos. ZAR has two versions – the premium version and the free version. The main difference between the premium version and the free version is that the premium version supports the recovery of different file formats. However, the free version itself has some advanced features – it scans the drives much faster and deeper than most of the programs, it can recognize even corrupted devices, and the user can save the scanning result as well. Last but not the least; ZAR has a nicely designed search feature.

  1. R-Photo

R-Photo is another free photo and video file recovery software that has exceptional features for recovering your lost precious photos from all visible sources. The software sports a powerful data recovery engine that recovers lost and deleted files using standard search as well as advanced raw file recovery search. It can easily recover files from an unrecognizable or even from a severely damaged file system. It supports all video and photo file formats including the modern video formats and raw digital photo files. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for the users, even the most inexperienced ones to use its flexible file search option.    

  1. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a free multi-platform and open source photo and video recovery software which allows the users to recover lost and damaged photos from the desktop, flash drives, memory card, hard disks, and other media storage devices. It doesn’t matter the reason why your photos and videos got damaged or lost, this recovery application can help you restore them given that you have not saved any other files on the location of the lost files. The software supports over 400 file formats including OpenOffice, MS Office, and JPG documents. The tool uses safe recovery techniques, making it one of the most preferred recovery tools of the users.  

  1. Pandora Recovery

It is free photo recovery software that scans the computer drives completely and retrieves all the deleted photos and files which are not yet overwritten. The best thing about Pandora Recovery is that it restores all the deleted and damaged files including videos, photos, documents, audios, movies, and more. It works in a way that it will restore the lost files to a user-specified location, hence making it easier for the users to access the recovered files easily. However, there is no guaranteed recovery of the deleted files. If there are traces of the deleted data, it will be able to find them. 

  1. Recuva:

One more free software to help you recover your lost photos and files, Recuva is filled with specially designed recovery functions and admirable scanning speed. Not only photos and videos, but Recuva also recover almost all types of file formats from your computer including your digital camera, flash drive, memory card, and all other media storage devices.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. Photo recovery tools like R-Photo, ZAR, etc are trusted tools when it comes to lost photo recovery.

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