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Want to score a high rank in Google in 2018? Here are few SEO trends to count on

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The concept of SEO has changed manifold! Today it’s more than back-links and keywords. Google today collects increased data about people. Hence, the search results are precise, customized and timely. SEO today also involves metadata optimization. There is more to SEO than even curating content. SEO is also about providing a smooth user experience and offering correct data. It needs to be executed in the right way, time and manner.

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2018 has seen many changes in SEO. There have been several technology trends too. So, if you want to rank high this year, here are the significant SEO trends you may follow.

Majority of websites on the first page of Google are HTTPS

Simply put, HTTPS is a protocol that makes your website gets viewed through a secure connection. When an ‘S’ gets to any HTTP web address, it is essential for the client to procure an SSL certificate which will encrypt the site’s data and keep it secure. Google has mentioned the importance of having an HTTPS website. By June this year, about 55% of websites on Google would be safe.

Going forward the number would increase to 66% by the end of the year. In addition to this, Chrome has also started to flag alert signs to websites that aren’t HTTPS yet. It might impact user experience in a negative way. They might refrain from buying your product or services. Hence, it’s better to shift to HTTPS.

Increased SERP features are the new highlights

Simply put, a SERP is just about anything on the results page that’s a bit more than the standard SEO title, description, and URL. SERP is known as Search Engine Page Results. It’s interesting to note that the frequency of rich snippets has tripled in the past two years. It has said that about 87% of SERP comes with a rich answer. Usually, these results receive increased clicks over the daily organic clicks which is mainly due to the eye-catching format. Therefore, in 2018 you can expect more of this.

Majority of people are resorting to voice search

Any idea what to do if you have a curious question and you find no one around? You can ask your Smartphone about it. Today, the voice-activated search has been maximizing at a faster pace which is owing to the advanced voice recognition features that most handsets offer. Research shows that 40% adults and 55% teens use voice search actively.

This trend is here to grow. The fact that people can use a voice search instead of spending time typing their query brings in a lot of convenience for the ones, who are always on the go. People good at multi-tasking can use voice search to their advantage. For instance, they can be reading a book and offering a voice search command for any query they have.

There’s increased focus offered to the search intent

People ask different queries On Google. From daily skin care tips to studying about a camera, Google has an answer to all. For instance, if you would be searching for “evening maxi dresses,” chances are you wouldn’t be searching for its definition. You would be looking for beautiful dresses to purchase. Hence, for such a search the outcome will be a series of e-commerce stores selling evening maxi dresses at the best price. Similarly, if you type in “Hair straightening tutorial,” chances are you’ll have more videos to browse than read online content. Wondering why does this happen?

Many experts suggest that this is all about Rank Brain. Perhaps, Rank Brain is observing searcher behavior closely and is offering improved results. Hence, if a user clicks on one particular result repeatedly, Rank Brain understands that the user is keen to see similar type outcomes. Simply put, Rank Brain is an artificial intelligence tool from Google. It is used to process queries.

Other than being able to decode SERP behavior, it also correctly understands semantics and association between queries and topics. Hence, it recognizes that “wedding ladies dress” and “evening maxi dress” share a similar meaning. However, still, it is crucial to resort to keywords in the content. But even search engines are becoming smart than before. Hence, there’s no requirement to stay fixated on ranking. The best way is to focus on customer requirements.

Increased significance offered to mobile

In 2018 you can’t ignore the mobile device anyway! However, depending on statistics today more people prefer to use mobile phones as their browsing device. A Smartphone today is no longer used merely to add to those Instagram likes. You might also want to search new topics as well. Records suggest that over 50% searches get done through their mobile device. In the future mobile technology and its usage will keep increasing. Mobile search has increased manifold. There have been several discussions on the change of the ranking pattern as well.

Most people today use their Smartphone for all online activities. But still, a vast set of people are yet to say yes to the change. For them, this change might occur rather slowly. In addition to that, Google is also in the search for AMP. This particular format is compatible with articles and blog posts. Hence, it results in loading webpage fast which in turn leads to a high ranking. Other than offering an excellent reading experience, this enhances SEO.

A forefront using experience 

The user demands and orchestration has been increasing for a particular section of people. Most users today seek an instant solution to their queries and problems. Something is exciting here. The Google studies have revealed that websites which don’t load longer than a few seconds has the chance to lose out of their share of customers. It means, the business bottom-line is risky. It can change within seconds.

Whether yours is an established business or a start-up, make sure that SEO is an integral part of your online business. Every year with the changing Google updates, SEO firms will have to align their strategies with the changes. Keeping your SEO up to the mark is essential. When you count on these top SEO trends, you have a chance to rank well in 2018.

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