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Why Do You Need a Google Business Page?

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People are relying more and more on Google to find the answers to all of their questions, Users discover products and services through Google search, maps and other tools. Now there’s a new tool in the Google arsenal that gives potential customers a better user-experience and allows businesses to promote their business for free.

Google Business Page

The Google Business pages (GMB – Google My Business) provides a full overview of businesses over the world. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a boutique winery in the footfhills of Nepal, a guest house in Iceland or at the Black Diamond Casino online for Internet gaming entertainment, you’ll be able to see your options by looking at the right-hand side of the screen during your search. 

Business Owners

Why does a Google My Business profile matter? First of all, to no one’s great surprise, Google is the search engine of choice for the majority of web searchers. 74.4% of search engine surfers – almost three-fourths – use Google.

Obviously, Google favors its own initiatives so it gives prominence to its Google My Business pages for any location. For instance, if you Google “San Francisco” you’ll see top search engine results for San Francisco. AND SIMULTANEOUSLY you’ll see Google’s overview of San Francisco on the right side of the page WITH LINKS to information about different aspects of the city.

When you open those individual links you will find businesses in San Francisco so right on your search page you’ll get ideas of where to go and what to do. Since over five billion searches a day are made through Google, you can expect that at least some of them will wind up looking at your business

Today Google not only is a noun – it’s  a verb. Everyone searches on the web so having a Google Business page will have a big impact on your ability to reach potential clients and customers.

Cost Effective

Creating a GMB listing is cost effective. It’s actually free so you can’t ask for more than that. The listing gives potential customers easy access to basic information about your business including your contact information (phone number and direct website), your hours of operation and directions to your location. 

GMB listings profiles appear in Google Maps and in the local “3-pack” area.  When a search for a product or service is performed, the first three listings are typically reserved for Google Adwords advertisements. Those are results that are determined by the business paying Google for advertisement. Next is a map where three local results (“3-pack”) are highlighted. Then comes the  “organic” results.

At one time the Local 3-pack involved a list of seven to ten results but Google wanted to better serve mobile users so they changed the list to three results. If you’ve created a complete GMB listing the 3-pack display will highlight that information about your organization or company. You can tap into potential customers through your GMB’s 3-pack listing. There’s no payment for GMB listings so it’s a helpful way for businesses to get their message across without paying for an ad campaign.

IN many ways, the GMB listings level the field. They give small businesspeople the chance to show what they have to offer without trying to compete with bigger businesses that have large advertising budgets.  

GMB on Google Maps

You can also link your GMB page to Google maps which allows anyone who is googling the area in which you’re located to see your business featured right on the map.

By creating listings for GMB and on Google Maps and then linking the two listings you’ll increase your visibility and put yourself one step ahead of the competition. The more you optimize your GMB profile, the more you put yourself square in front of your potential customers.

Creating a Google My Business Profile

A well-designed and well-maintained GMB signals to Google that your business is alive and kicking. You have the best chance of drawing potential clients if you fully optimize your site with updated contact information, a good description of your product and service and great photos.

Start by claiming your business listing. Go to Google My Business and click on the “Start Now” button. Enter your business’s name in the top, next to the map of your country. Confirm that you are the person who is authorized to manage the business. This allows you to claim your listing.

Submit the information about your business – opening hours, contact information, product data, payment information, etc. Make sure that your contact information is consistent with all of your other forms of communication. Then add photos – the better the quality of the photos, the better chance you’ll have to draw people to your business. 


The most important aspect of your GMB page is the Reviews section. Studies show that up to 90% of potential buyers check the reviews of a product or a service before they make their purchase. The GMB reviews include options to give a simple star rating (from 1 to 5) or to add some additional comments. Online reviews can play a crucial role in determining the success of your business.

You should monitor the reviews and respond to every single review. Even if it’s a few words like “it was a pleasure to have met you” or “I’m sorry that you were disappointed – how can we help you rectify the problem?”, you should be aware that the next wave of buyers is watching to see how you respond. If they feel that your response gives them a feeling that you care, they’ll be much more likely to want to do business with you.

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