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9 Powerful Body Language Enhancement Tips for Video Conferencing

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As mobile work culture gains more and more traction in the business world, the chances are that you’re going to have to do a video conference at one point or another. After all, video conferencing has proven to be highly time-efficient and cost-effective. However, it is vital for you as a participant or host to be able to maintain a body language that exudes of credibility and confidence in order to capture the attention of other video conference participants.

Video Conferencing

Tip #1: Calm Down and Relax

The odds are that you have done myriads of face-to-face meetings before. A video conference is no different. That’s why you have no reason to get the heebie-jeebies; just do away with any tension and try to relax before the videoconference begins. If it helps you, try mindful breathing, meditation or a little yoga session prior to the conference.

The last thing you want is to seem tensed during the conference. It might be interpreted as a sign of passive aggression, something that can harm the purpose of your meeting. The idea is that every part of your body that’s visible (face, hands, shoulders, etc.) should look and feel relaxed.

Tip #2: Keep Positive Eye Contact

You can never underestimate the power of direct eye contact when it comes to business meetings. It’s part of video conferencing 101. However, there’s a thin line between good eye contact and the so-called creepy eye contact.

Chances are, other participants will be looking directly at your face for the most part of the conference. As such, the trick is to relax your face and try to “smile” with your eyes. And a smile, as they say, is contagious, helping keep things a little casual and lively.

Tip #3: Lean Your Body in a Bit

Sure, you might be a senior executive, but you don’t want to seem too “bossy” during the video conference. That’s why you must avoid sitting back in your seat the whole time. The other participants might interpret that as a sign that you are not interested in what they have to say. The bottom line is to lean back in little (not entirely).

Tip #4: It’s Not a Good Idea to Keep Your Arms Crossed

When you keep your arms crossed during a video conference, it might send the wrong message that your mind is “crossed” too! That’s a big no-no. In fact, a study conducted by Allan & Barbara Pease revealed that people remember 38 percent more of what they listen to when their hands are opened as opposed to when their hands are crossed.

Tip #5: Exercise Active Listening

It’s simple: be attentive. That means you should avoid doing other tasks (e.g., checking the watch, glancing at your phone or reading papers) and keep your full focus on the meeting. You don’t want the audience to feel that you’re not paying attention.

Tip #6: Take Up Space

When you take up space in the right way, you will exude an air of confidence and help convey the right message. To do so, stay as comfortably close to the camera as possible and come dressed in spacious clothing. Don’t get me wrong; you don’t have to be “creepily” close to the camera lest you seem aggressive to your audience.

Tip #7: Gesture with Both Hands

Again, maintaining positive eye contact can do wonders for your confidences and speech. But, if you want to take your speech to the next level, it pays to use both of your hands. It is an incredible way to make your audience agree with what you are trying to say. And there’s a scientific study that confirms the same. It so happens that the speech-related area of the brain (called Broca) lights up under MRI when one uses hand gestures when talking. What that says is that waving with both hands does enhance one’s speech.

Tip #8: Mimic the Posture and Expressions of the Speaker

When you mirror the posture, speech behavior and tonal variation of the speaker, it makes him or she feel understood and accepted. It helps build up the speaker’s confidence and rapport, keeping the video conference tension-free.

Tip #9: Take Advantage of Power Poses

It’s been confirmed that certain body poses can help increase the level of hormone testosterone (which is associated with dominance and power) as well as reduce hormone cortisol (which is linked to stress). Such poses including keeping your arms away from your body or putting your feet flat on the floor.

There you have it – 9 top tips for body language improvement during video conferencing. With these handy tips and top-notch Video Conferencing Systems in Dubai, you can rest assured you will do a bang-up job.

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