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Igeo Undelete – Complete data recovery

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If you are used to saving all your important data on your PC or Lap Top, then you need to get familiar with important security measures that have to be taken. One of the biggest problems users face is to try and recover the lost or Deleted files from your system.

IGEO Undelete has a unique feature. When external hard drive freezes computer, user cannot access any application from Windows. So he cannot recover data from external hard drive. But IGEO Undelete recovers data from external hard drive in this case. Following paragraph explains that.

All desk tops and lap tops are having a folder (vacant space) termed as Recycle Bin. It is a type of storage area where all your deleted files / folders/ images/ games or etc are stored after being selected for deletion. There are many users who might have never checked out the Recycle bin and are thus not aware of the process they need to follow to retrieve the deleted files or folders back to its original position.

One of the most ideal options available is IGEO Undelete Software that can prove helpful for such users who are unable to retrieve the deleted files back to the drives.

IGEO Undelete

Convenience and ease

One of the main benefits of IGEO Undelete is that the software offers with state of art and user friendly functionalities. It is a type of file retrieving system that can help recovering any file or folder that has been deleted by you – knowingly or accidentally.

This system can prove helpful to retrieve all lost files even on account of System formatting, Virus infection, Damaged HD or accidental deletion. The software is designed to help recover the lost file from your recycle bin that has been deleted either by “Del + Shift” option or by “Cut” option or by “Move” option.

Key features

The software offer users with three basic key features that are mentioned here below:-

  • Helps in retrieving the deleted or lost files from the Systems Recycle Bin.
  • Helps retrieve files deleted by virus infection or delete command.
  • Helps retrieving the deleted file even after formatting the system.
  • The software will also help in retrieving the files from different drive locations like NTFS5, NTFS, FAT 32 and 16.
  • The software is also helpful in retrieving the deleted or lost files from any virtual location like USB, HD, SD card o Memory stick.
  • Another major advantage of using this software is that the developers have provided with an option where you can preview the file contents or type even before you physically save it on your system.


1          File Retrieval – IGEO Undelete is a system file recovery software and thus its main feature is to help retrieve the lost files so you can track them back to their original position on your system. Another feature is that software proves helpful in retrieving the deleted files even if you have deleted it from your Recycle Bin to an unknown destination/ hard drives or External Drives.

2          Instant Scan Options – The software is also helpful in performing a complete scan of your PC (Files and Folders) individually. The software will help you scan each of the deleted file and folder from any location on your PC before retrieving it. The software is equipped with a quick scan feature so you are able to collect details of recently deleted files from your system at any time.

3          Retrieve lost files from HD after Formatting – One of the distinct features of the software is that it is helpful in retrieving any lost file or folder from the Hard disk of the system even after it has been formatted. The moment you accidentally format your system, your HD is clean of all stored data on it. So if you have not taken a back of the important files or folders then IGEO Undelete can help you retrieve these files.

4          Retrieve lost files from HD – In case you have lost any file from your system drive at the time of connecting an external HD then IGEO Undelete can help retrieve the lost file back from the HD memory. This is an advantage for users who forget to save their file on a physical location before connecting an external HD to the PC.

5          File Preview Option– The moment you are performing a scan for lost file or folder, the software will also provide you with details of the contents of the file or folder as Preview option. The software will provide with preview for multiple file formats. This is helpful for users as you can only get to save the file after viewing its contents to ensure that you don’t save unwanted file or folder.

How to use IGEO Undelete when external freezes your computer. Does external hard drive freezes your computer when you open any windows application like windows explorer? In this case, how to get your data back from external hard drive is explained in below simple steps:

1. Download and install IGEO Undelete. Make sure its shortcut exists on your Desktop.

2. Attach external hard drive to your computer. Do not open any Windows application.

3. Launch IGEO Undelete from Desktop. This will display all drives available in computer.

4. Select the drive which belongs to external hard drive and press next button.

5. Select quick or deep scan option and press next.

6. Wait for some time to see your all data on next page of IGEO Undelete.

7. Select any file/folder and click on “Recover” button to save it on your computer.

Besides all above mentioned features, IGEO Undelete can prove helpful in a number of other ways as well.

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