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Knowing When to Replace Anti-Vibration Mounts

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Generally, Anti Vibration Mounts are used primarily to protect the machine from any vibrations and shock during operations. They are essential in improving operator comfort and preventing damages to the machine. Eventually, these mounts wear out after usage even if they are of high quality and hence require replacement. So how will you know that a machine requires new mounts? Here are the signs to look out for to avoid inflicting damages to the equipment, operator, and the environment.

Anti-Vibration Mounts

  1. Rocky Start

When you start a machine and you notice unhealthy lurch that exceeds the normal threshold and sounds or feels unhealthy, then you need to consider replacing the mounts. As the machine runs, the excess lurch changes into a content vibration which then changes back to the lurch when you turn off the ignition.

  1. Amplified Vibrations

When a machine is started and it produces more noise and vibrations than usual, then the chances are its mounts are failing to absorb the vibrations that are being generated by the machine. Excess vibration from the machine can be uncomfortable to the crew working around the equipment area or passengers in a vehicle. Excessive vibration can eventually lead to movement of the machinery which poses danger.

  1. Visual Wear

After a certain period of time, the metallic part of the mount alters its look. If you can physically see significant wraps, cracks or corrosion to the part, chances are the mount has worn. Wears reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of the machine depending on the root cause and the degree of the cracks. The shape and form of the mount will affect the performance of the machine, therefore, change in shape results in the destruction of the equipment.

  1. Impact Noises

If you can hear knocks and clunks from the engine bay, this might be an indication that the mounts are worn out. The noise can be due to the movement of the engine especially by the part that is not supposed to move excessively hence knocking other components or on point of contact.

  1. A Bumpier Ride

You can tell if your anti-vibration mount needs changing if there is a jolt whenever you change gears of the machine. You might notice these thumps or jolts when the machine’s engine starts working harder. Watch out for the changes in the smooth operation of your machine to avoid serious damages that might be caused by the mounts.

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In conclusion, if you notice these five signs on your machine, then you need to consider replacing the anti-vibration mounts. You have to carry out tests to determine the extent of damages that the machinery has been exposed to. You can hire a professional technician to check the machine for any damages. Ignoring these signs can eventually lead to serious damages to the machinery which means more repair costs and might pose serious safety risks.

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