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List of 5 Best Website Mockup Templates and Tools in 2018

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The practice of website designing is one of the best ways to replicate the competencies of an expert web designer. Having an incredible website mockup is indeed a sideline of employment chasing and of course is a benefit to triumph the confidence of the clients. It is important for the designer to keep in mind that the design of the website mockup should be striking as well as delightful to the clients and it should have a prodigious interface strategy or graphic influence.

Website Mockup Templates

Mockup design should always be one of the key steps for web designing in the early phase. Having a detailed explanation might help in this context as well as elucidate policy ideas. Now the question comes how one can design a good website mockup and from where to gain inspiration for the same?

Well, if you have the answers, no need to worry as below in the post you will get to know 5 best website mockup templates that will help to get some exclusive ideas for your next web designing project.

  1. Amcharts Website Mockup for Tools Site

Amcharts is a renowned company as well as a website that offer JavaScript Charts as well as maps archives. It is an exceptional JavaScript or HTML charts expansion instrument with an excellent compatibility of fulfilling most of the designing and development needs. This template has outstanding variable steering bars and texts.

  1. Dribbble – Mockup Website for the Design Forum

Dribbble is one such online design platforms that offer amenities for inventors, artists, creators and many others associated with a creative form of designing works. Being one of the most successful online design platforms, it not only features valuable foundations and associations to imaginative design works but it also brings incredible graphics combinations and immaculate designs.

  1. Shopify – Website Mockup for eCommerce Site

This typical eCommerce platform not only offers professional service for eCommerce website construction but it also conducts eCommerce based on the social networks. Now, this allows sellers to sell their offerings on any given social media platform using Shopify. This template is effective in displaying the design of the landing page, sales technique webpage homepage, price page as well as a blog section.

  1. Pexels Mockup Website for Image Site

Pexels is a high-solution image downloading site that offers free stock photos for users all over the world and it keeps updating new photos every week. In this particular template, the home page makes use of a floating design. The button and the menu bar are suspended in a fixed position and the area of the content is scrollable.

  1. edX Website Mockup for Education Site

An online course website caters to students across the globe with online university programs in different streams comprising some unrestricted programs also. The components that one gets to see in this template are texts, pictures, icons and the best thing is that the logic of this site is concise, clear and instinctive.

The major webpages of this mockup prototype are landing page, details page, course list page, program page as well as about us page. It mainly works with the pages that are suitable for educational institutions and online courses.

Hopefully, the options for Mockup website design were useful for the readers and web designers will make the outlook of the site look top-notch. In case of any query or suggestions, feel free to share with us below in the comment section.

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