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5 Tips For Insider Threat Prevention

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Want to know how to protect your company from insider threats? Find out the top 5 tips to help keep your organization safe!

Insider threats can occur at any time. Whether it’s due to an outside hacker or a worker that’s confused with the software, you need to be prepared. That’s why we’re here to show you why you should look into insider threat prevention software.

Get ready!

Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption is one of the key layers of defense which is necessary to protect data, both internally and externally. Organizations can keep their documents secure, even if the data has been initially breached.

United States needs to step it up regarding cybersecurity

Consider the Technical Restrictions

Companies and organizations that handle highly sensitive data might consider limiting technology permissions to employees.

For instance, this might include banning the use of personal and external devices, such as cameras, universal serial bus (USB) sticks, and unauthorized web applications. This might include limiting file sharing permissions,  setting bandwidth restrictions, and other forms of restrictions.

Screen New Employees

As a rule of thumb, the more time you invest in exploring an applicant’s background, the better. If your organization thinks that background checks are too time-consuming, consider getting this service outsourced.

On average, a background check will cost you $50-$200 – which is a small price to pay to determine who you’re hiring.

Background checks don’t always tell the full story. For instance, a check might show the applicant’s current address but won’t reveal that the person living in that address is an ex-employee or a known con artist.

There are services such as Development’s NORA (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness). By combining information from unrelated corporate databases, NORA can create background checks on vendors, subcontractors, and employees — as well as new hire applicants.

Stop Information Leaks

Sensitive information can come out of your company through printed copies, emails, instant messages, or through employee conversations that they should keep to themselves. Combine technology and security to stop the bleeding.

First, create a policy that details restrictions on confidential data.

Technology is a good way to help. Start by scanning your business for unique phrases that you wouldn’t find anywhere else and set your IDS to send you an alert whenever it finds these snippets on the network.

Monitor For Malicious Activity

Your organization might need direct employee monitoring – from keystroke logging to video cameras. Research shows that about 33% of employers perform direct monitoring to some degree.

Before making irrational decisions, you have to know what constitutes legal monitoring in your location and know what tools are available to you. Web content filters are great for insider threat prevention since they can stop hacker tool repositories and competitor’s website, all of which partake in parts of insider incidents. In general organization leaders can employ these as a form of policy for all of your workers.


Overall, insider threat prevention starts with you and your team. To stop problems from happening, you need to be proactive and use monitoring software before its too late. Conclusively, protecting your organization from insider threats will help employees follow your company’s policies and allow your business to thrive in the long term.



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