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5 Ways to Use Social Media Data for Targeted Marketing

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More people are using the internet to search for products and services than ever before. Lots of successful businesses are leaving their footprints on all social media platforms for clients to find their websites. Potential clients are following those leads to getting what they need. Clients are known to recommend or disapprove these services on social media. To save time and other resources, mine and study social media data so that you can learn how your products are affecting people out there. Social media is growing exponentially because almost a fifth of the world population is already online. A good number of them are leaving behind reviews of your products and services. Such reviews are worth a lot. If used correctly, they can boost your sales.


With social media share count, you can then see how your online presence is improving regarding increment of social media shares. Below are five surprising ways in which you can use social media data to increase your sales.

1 Ads Research

From Ads, you can get vital information to improve your marketing strategy and sales. You can, for example, learn how your clients value your products. This can help you to adjust to please them. You can even engage them on ways to improve your products. Ads which receive more attention can be evaluated to promote those that are not as popular. You can also know the best social media platform to concentrate on from the volume of shares an Ad gets.

2 Find partners and identify your competitors

From the social media data you have, you can know the companies selling similar products. You can then reach out to them for partnership especially if they are far from your location or you can simply learn from their successes and failures. These data can also help you to rank yourself amongst the companies of your league. Social shares are known to be genuine and correct.

3 Improve your products and add more products

With social data at your disposal, you stand a better chance to improve on your product. This is because the recommendations you get will be directly from the consumers. Improving or adding more products based on reviews from social media will always guarantee you best customer satisfaction.

4 Real-time customer care

If you have a social media department in your enterprise, you can use social media data to advise, clarify or solve any issue which may arise. Clients are always happy when their concerns are addressed in social media platform they use.

5 Plan for the future

Social media data will come in handy for you’re your strategic plans. Whether short term or long term plans, this data is crucial for your future. You also can use this data to concentrate on products which are more appealing to clients than to increase products blindly. If you need to open a branch, such data will help you to know the best location.

Millions of potential clients are on social media perpetually. Utilize all data you have from the targeted market to benefit your business. Learn and interact with your clients through this data. Let this data point to you the direction your company should take to maximize your sales. Social media data can, however, become obsolete. Do not expect the data you mined five years ago to be relevant today. This is because social media is changing very fast and you need to keep up with the pace.

PS: today, you do not have to get social media data manually. There are a host of tools that can help you do that easily. All you need is a little research, and you will be on your way to realizing social media success.

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