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Common types of cybersecurity threats your business is more likely to face

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A violent action of criminals or hackers that usually targets a business network, information technology system or a personal desktop computer to steal, amend or remove the data by using different resources or techniques can be known as cyber attack. Such attacks usually result in crimes just like identity theft and monetary fraud etc. Most of the cyber security threats or attacks are more effective and can cause significant and obvious business loss or risks at the end. As most of the business organizations and companies are facing such threats and attacks in this era of technology and internet, all of us should be doing maximum efforts to prevent them. Below are common types of cybersecurity threats you are most likely to experience in 2018 and beyond.

Improving Cybersecurity in Accounting


It is something very dangerous that not only can destroy your computer system but can also extract confidential and private business information from the computer or business network. Basically it is harmful computer software that can be downloaded from the internet mistakenly. Hackers and cyber criminals usually use such software and computer programs to attack the computer or device of a user to steal personal and other private information for illegal use. In order to prevent malware attacks, you should always visit secured websites to obtain information or to download a desired software or application.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

It can happen to you whenever you are using a device or drive for data transfer. For example, when using a personal pen drive to transfer business data or information between business computers, chances of getting harmful virus or malware transferred are higher if the device is not scanned properly. In this way, a virus transferred with the files or data can damage your computer or data stored in it. That’s why, all types of businesses should always be using reliable computer security software like antivirus to stay protected from such cyber threats.

Phishing Attack

It is one of the most common cybersecurity threats in these days as almost all of us use emails to send and receive useful information and important documents worldwide. In email phishing, mass emails sent by the criminals or hackers to the many users with an intention to steal sensitive and personal information such as PINs, account passwords and credit card details etc. Such emails are usually sent with a harmful link that can steal and transfer sensitive details from the computer or user and send to the criminal. Usually such emails are created to look like sent from officials or personal contacts. According to the experts, always ignore the emails sent from anonymous or unknown users. If the email sent from a known contact but looks odd, the user should confirm from the sender about email in order to prevent phishing attacks. An advanced threat protection solution can also come handy to avert spam and unwanted emails either in your personal or business email inbox.

Denial of Service (DoS)

Denial of service is one of the most common and dangerous type of cybersecurity threat in which hackers usually floods a target website or online resource with massive traffic that its hosting server cannot handle properly and can make the website down for unexpected period of time. In results, access of the business or other users denied to the services and a business can experience inflated website downtime. Botnets (groups of cooperated computers or IoT devices) are usually used in this type of cyber attack.

Drive-by Attack

Using a drive-by attack, hackers look for in-secured websites and online resources to plant malicious scripts into HTTP or PHP code with an intention to spread dangerous malware. The planted script in a site might install malware itself to the device or computer of the user or can redirect the user to another hateful site controlled by the hackers to harm the user. Drive-by attacks can damage your computer or business network when visiting an in-secured website, opening an anonymous email or a suddenly appeared pop-up window on the screen. In this type of cybersecurity threat, there is no need to click on download link or button in order to get affected but the harmful script added to the site will automatically perform the job itself to harm your personal information or device using you are.

Password Attack

Outright guessing, looking around on someone’s desk and sniffing are some common techniques used by the criminals to steal passwords. They can later use these passwords to acquire personal and confidential details of individuals such as credit card details, bank account history, business transactions and so on for illegal use. In order to protect yourself or your business from password attacks, always use strong and unbreakable passwords for all your personal and business accounts/logins. You should also change the default passwords immediately to prevent access of criminals to your details.

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