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Effective Tips to go Solar In New Jersey

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New Jersey has always been the leader in Solar renewable energy. But with their new laws which are running on the advocacy of Clean Energy, local people might face difficulties in the installation of solar in New Jersey. The latest changes in the laws can leave a substantial impact on a number of residents of the city.

Solar technology company

The people who were considering to install solar power energy panel later in 2018 may not be eligible for the SRECs which is a special certificate. Hence, if you’re considering to install a solar panel for your home, this is probably the best time to get it done, before the law changes this deal for you. For more details about these rules & regulations, it is advisable to consult with vendors such as They won’t only help you with the budgets but also with other formalities as well.

Well,you own a house in New Jersey and your roof getting sunlight for most of the day. Isn’t that the big reason in itself to make your home solar and start saving money out of it?

An ideal home for the solar panel is a south or west facing rooftop that gets sunlight throughout the day without any shade. Even if your house does not meet up these conditions, you can still have manage huge savings from these solar panels. Your solar installer will take care of each & every aspect and will help you in providing the best savings estimate.

Options For Getting Solar Home In NJ

  • Paying In Cash for Solar Panel

If you’ve cash and you prefer to pay in cash it will be the outright purchase which will provide you the best financial returns.

The tax break and energy saving will increase as the solar offsets the electricity costs enough and save up to $936 per year. And will increase your electricity cost savings year by year as the companies tend to raise the rates, & eventually you start saving more and more with each year.

But if you want to invest in solar and need to take a loan for the payment, then that too is a good option to go for.

With all the cash you are spending, you are not only helping you to earn but also saving our environment and creating some green by not using electricity generated from fossil fuels.

  • Taking a loan to pay for Solar Panel

You don’t need to worry about the money if wish to opt for solar in New Jersey. You can still own solar panel and get all the benefits, even if you are not having cash. Get a loan and pay for your solar installation, in New Jersey getting a loan for a solar installation is easy. One more reason for opting for a loan is that you’ll be paying the amount over time, but the benefits will add on to you from the day of the installation itself.

  • Purchase electricity with PPA

If you do not have a stack of cash or the required equity in your home, a PPA i.e. Power Purchase Agreement is a great option for you to get Solar in New Jersey. Yes, it’s possible to get a solar panel for $0 investment and get big savings over years! As the electricity cost in New Jersey is pretty higher than the national average. This implies that you can start saving money from day 1 from the PPA by saying yes to Solar.

The best part about the PPA is the solar panels installed will be owned and maintained by the installation company, and you are free to brag about the green habit you adopted while saving lots of money and our environment.  

Sign a Contract

So now you have settled to a solar installer and decided up for the fundings to how to pay for your money saving shiny solar panels! The work will be in progress now.

You’ll start seeing few new faces out for site inspections along with the master electrician to inspect at your home wiring and main circuit panel, a solar contractor who will do a detailed analysis of your home along with the rooftop and together they will determine the placement for the solar panels.

Installation And Inspection For Solar Panel

Installation, which now takes usually between 5 to 8 hours in New Jersey depending on the house, your crew will arrive and perform their duties within the day itself.   

After the installation, it should be connected to the grid and you will need to have it inspected. Your installer will set up all the inspection for you, and it may take a couple of days or week to get all the inspections and interconnections to be completed.

Maintenance of Solar in New Jersey

Now that you own a new solar panel in your home and its working, here comes the operations & maintenance part. You’re advised check the working by yourself and can monitor the software to ensure the panels are working good as expected or not.

Maintenance of the solar panel is a child play. It is designed in a manner to handle all type of weather like heavy rain, snow, wind and whatever nature throws for more than 25 years.

Claiming your tax credit

After all the process of installation, investment, operation, and maintenance now are the time to save your money and add more benefit and cash in your pocket. It’s time to claim the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and wait for the huge amount of refund to make your life easy.

Final Thoughts

If you want to go Solar in New Jersey the time is now, its worth like saving 100 of trees every year and planting even more with humming your solar power energy. It is okay to spend few bucks now for saving our environment and adopting these renewable energy is definitely going to be the best choice you’ve made ever. Since, there is a lot to consider which can never end and it’s always better to be Solar not only in New Jersey but in all over the world.

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