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How To Choose a Domain Name

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Finding a valid and concise description for your website is not an easy thing. Domain names should not be taken for granted. A domain name should be sufficiently descriptive, understandable, as well as technically accurate.

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The domain name can make or break your website; it’s the key element of your site. It is therefore important that you choose a functional domain name. I know you’re probably wondering why the domain name so important. Here is why:

  1. It is your first impression. This is the first thing people see when they visit your site.
  2. The domain name affects SEO, so it would be wise to include keywords in the name.
  3. It defines the brand you represent.

How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

Let us have a closer look at how you go about choosing a domain name:

  1. Use keywords

Keywords improve your SEO as well as your rank on search engines which translates to more traffic. Also, when you have a keyword in your domain, it makes it very clear to your visitors what your website is about.

  1. It should be brandable

This means that when people hear your domain name, they should associate it with your brand. Always pick name creative names that stand out from your competitors; one that people can easily remember.

  1. It should be predictable

Make your domain name intuitive. The name should give people a strong idea of what your website is all about. A good example is Ezee Hosting.

  1. It should be concise

Always remember that when it comes to length, short is always better. The fewer characters, the easier it is to say and type.

  1. Easy to pronounce

A name that is easy to pronounce increases the chance of people sharing about it by word of mouth to their friends who are your potential customers. It is also quite obvious that a name that is easy to pronounce is also easy to spell.

  1. Easy to type

This is critical for online success. A name that is difficult to type will make it difficult for customers to find your website.

  1. Use appropriate extensions

Extensions are the suffixes that are found at the end of the web address. They include the .com, the .org, and the .net; each extension has a specific use so be sure to pick one that works well for your site.

  1. Avoid using numbers and hyphens

It is very easy to misunderstand a name that has a number in it when it is said aloud. There is the possibility that the number is represented as a simple numeral in the name or it is spelled out. Hyphens and dashes are also frequently forgotten or misplaced. Stick to letters.

  1. Get ideas from domain name generators

If you need help coming up with your domain name, use these simple to use tools to get a cool domain name. All you are required to input is a simple keyword and you get hundreds of suggestions.

  1. Register the domain name

Once you have already picked out a name, you should get registered. There are domain registrar companies that register the name on your behalf. Find s trustworthy company to do that for you. It should also be respectable and offer affordable services.

Wherever possible, you should register the name for yourself. Most people don’t like doing this because it is such a hassle.

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