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How to Clean Hardwood Floor: Useful Tips

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Hardwood floors have an incredible way of adding a delicate aura, timelessness and a natural feel to any room or house. This is the reason why interior decorators and homeowners adore them. However, even with their unrivaled beauty, they are pretty delicate and need some tender loving care for them to keep looking great and last longer. Taking care of hardwood floors is not rocket science, and you can have them flawless and protected simultaneously. The following tips and techniques for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors have been tested and proven to work amazingly well for most homeowners.

Hardwood Floor

i. Vacuum the Floors Regularly.

            Most hardwood floors come with delicate finishing that may not correspond well with dirt. For instance, just like sandpaper, salt and sand particles may cause scratches on the finishing, and may at times get ground in if not cleaned on time. For this reason, you need to vacuum your hardwood floors frequently, especially if you own pets. To achieve this relatively tight cleaning schedule, it may be wise to get yourself a robotic vacuum cleaner that will save you time, effort and money in keeping your floors clean and as good as new. It is advisable that the vacuum cleaner does not have a beater-bar or rotating brush roll that can scratch the floor finishing.

ii. Know When and How to Apply Restorers.

Depending on whether you own the modern or old hardwood floors, there are restoration products that may or may not be used. For instance, most contemporary hardwood floors have an acrylic, polyurethane or urethane coating that is resistant to stains and water. Waxes, furniture sprays and oils should be avoided in this case as they make the floors slippery and cloudy. However, for the older hardwood floor models that have a wax finishing, it is best to restore them with thin coats of wax, with one coat applied after another to ensure its sheen is maintained. Oil treated or untreated hardwood floors should also be sealed with a high quality sealant to protect them from water damage.

iii. Clean Up Spills Immediately.

            Whether you own the modern hardwood floors or older models, we all know that cleaning up spills immediately they occur is not an option, but compulsory. Wiping off any liquid spills immediately will prevent it from slipping into the wood via the edges or scratches, which may in turn cause warping or even rotting of the wood.

When it comes to solid dirt, cleaning them up immediately will prevent them from becoming in ground or sticking in between the wood panels. This also prevents unwarranted stains from infecting your precious hardwood floors. It is best to have a wet and dry robotic vacuum for this function as you won’t have to keep cleaning up the spills by yourself. Instead, this vacuum easily detects dirty spots and cleans them up without human intervention. If you are considering investing in one, you can find more information about best robot vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors in this article.

iv. Keep Water Off Your Hardwood Floors.

            Particularly for untreated hardwood, we all know that these kinds of flooring consider water as a foe. Water damage is a costly affair that so many homeowners with hardwood flooring have had to deal with at some point in their lives. To avoid expensive repairs and replacements that result from this, it is very important to prevent your hardwood floors from being exposed to a lot of water. When mopping the floors, use the damp mopping technique, which uses minimal amounts of water to wipe the floor.

After this, you need to dry the floors using a dry mop. This is especially important for untreated or prefinished hardwood floors. In case of a rainy day, close your windows to keep rainwater out, place trays under your potted plants and immediately wipe up any water spills to avoid seepage into the wood.

v. Avoid Harsh Cleaners.

            In most cases, the harshest detergent or chemical you need when cleaning hardwood floors is only water. Since hardwood floors are quite delicate, you don’t need to use harsh cleaning products such as detergents, scorers and bleach, unless you are getting rid of stains or scratches. Detergents with high ph. level and scoring capabilities remove the floor’s protective finishing or sealant, thus exposing the wood to water damage and staining.

            They also have the tendency to make hardwood floors cloudy and looking older and messier than they should be. In case of stuck-in dirt and stubborn stains, you can only use a recommended no-wax floor cleaner. If you encounter a scratch or heel dent, you may scrub it off using a No.000 steel wool and then wax that area to seal off destructive moisture, water, dirt and stains.

vi. Use Only Hardwood Floor Cleaning Supplies and Tools.

            While it may be so tempting to go for the cheaper options, it is very important that you consider the safety and health of your hardwood floors prior to making your decision regarding what cleaning products and tools you will use. Homemade products such as lemon juice, ammonia, baking soda, vinegar and other acidic cleaning solutions may work for now, but are definitely damaging and harmful in the long run. Harsh store bought ingredients such as bleaches and scoring pastes are also not recommended for cleaning hardwood floors. Then there are vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools that promise rigorous cleaning.

If they have not been specifically designed for hardwood, then it is a sure bet that using them on your hardwood floors will be destructive. In summary, you need to be very careful about the tools and cleaning products you use on these floors to ensure durability and a flawless appearance.

Preventive Measures.

            They say that prevention is better than cure, and this applies to your hardwood floors too. Placing doormats on the inside and outside of your home’s main entry doorways prevents entry of dirt, salt, snow and sand from outside. Having area rugs and carpets in high traffic areas also protect the floors from scratches caused by rough shoe soles as well as furniture.

You also need to invest in furniture pads that are placed under furniture legs to reduce wear and tear to the floors. In case you need to move an item from one spot to another, it is best to lift it up and transport it rather than pulling or pushing it over your hardwood flooring, as this will leave ugly scratches and dents on the floors. Caring for hardwood floors is not a far fetched dream. It only requires you to follow the tips and techniques above, and you will enjoy their benefits for as long as you would never have imagined. To reduce the frequency of cleaning your hardwood floor, just place Aicool Smart Trash Can in your home to make your life cleaner.

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