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Should Your Company Outsource Its Recruitment Process?

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It’s not unusual for companies these days to turn to outsourcing when recruiting new talents. It’s not hard to see why, as there are many benefits that companies of all sizes can reap from letting an external firm take charge of headhunting employees. There’s also the fact that recruitment can be a long and tiresome process that many companies often cannot afford to indulge in, especially those with limited resources to throw around.

You might be wondering if it’s in your company’s best interest to outsource your recruitment process. Outsourcing experts based in the Philippines recommend that you answer the following questions to find out if this option is good for you.

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Do you have a limited number of HR staff and/or resources to devote to recruiting?

Maybe you’re working in a small startup with a relatively few number of people, or a mid-sized company with an HR staff that’s already handling many employees. Recruitment can add to your HR staff’s responsibilities and can keep them from focusing on important activities that address the needs of your current employees.

Aside from taking up time and manpower, recruitment can also increase your overhead expenses. You’ll have to pay for ads, background checks, and other activities just so you can reach the right people and ensure that you’ll end up with a good fit for your company. You can expect this cost to grow the longer this process continues and the more potential employees you need to screen.

If your company does not have time and manpower to spare, then outsourcing its recruitment process should definitely be an option. In this case, choosing to outsource allows your HR staff to focus more on their existing duties, like keeping your employees satisfied with their jobs, making sure they are paid on time, and addressing any HR-related concern that may arise. You don’t have to worry about networking with potential candidates, checking their background, or designing and scaling the recruitment process—someone else can adequately do these tasks for you.

In addition, you’ll also save on expenses. The cost of hiring a recruitment specialist or firm is typically much lower than and less stress-inducing compared to sending out advertisements and doing the job yourself.

Do you have a high turnover rate?

Employees come and go; recruitments and resignations or terminations are pretty normal in the business setting. But if you’re losing a significant number of people over a short period of time, you should be alarmed. Having a high turnover rate not only reduces your company’s productivity rate, it also lowers the quality of services and staff engagement. There’s also the fact that you’re practically losing out all the time, money and resources that you’ve spent training your employees to have the skills necessary for them to work. A high turnover rate is clearly a bad thing and must be mitigated as soon as it’s recognized.

One surefire way to mitigate a high turnover rate is to outsource your recruitment to an external recruiting firm. These establishments are usually very strict and stringent with their headhunting practices. It’s their bread and butter, and their reputation and professional relationship with you is on the line with every potential employee they send your way.

The end result here is that the only candidates you will get from them are guaranteed to be the best of the best. Ideally, these individuals not only have the qualifications necessary to work in your company, but also the character and work ethic that will compel them to stay in your employ for a longer time.

Are you finding it hard to keep up with your own growth or seasonal demand?

Companies or startups that are experiencing rapid growth or seasonal spikes of manpower demand may find it difficult to actually keep up with recruitment. While this may seem like a good problem for a company to have, it can actually be quite stressful to its bottom line. For example, if a startup finds itself chronically understaffed despite booming business, soon enough its employees will begin to wear down due to overwork. This, in turn, can affect customer satisfaction as your clients will inevitably have to deal with constant service or product delays.

Outsourcing the company’s recruitment process reduces the burden of keeping up with customer demands. An external recruitment firm will not only be completely focused on getting the company the qualified and reliable manpower it needs, but it will also have the resources, methodology, and technology necessary to fill the sudden demand more efficiently and effectively.

One of the most important aspects of keeping a business profitable and on track with growth is to have a robust and efficient recruitment process. Sadly, not all companies can afford the time, manpower, or resources to refine their recruitment process. However, by engaging in recruitment process outsourcing, a company can easily circumvent those obstacles and gain the benefits of having a well-curated and highly qualified workforce.

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