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The 3 Big Companies: How React Native Can Improve Your Development Team

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Are you trying to know the wonders of React Native for your development team? Learn how the best companies have used the framework in this post.

React Native

React Native Defined

React Native is the native version of a web library called React. Its main goal is to use React’s power and implement it in mobile apps for development.

React Native’s components are side-effect functions. This means that they return the view’s appearance at any time. Because of this, it’s easier to make more responsive code when using this programming language.

What Companies Use React Native?

Since its release in 2013, React Native has been used in Facebook’s hackathons and other projects that utilize its framework. Here are some of the main companies that used React Native to help accomplish their goals:


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, wanted to bring the advantages of web development to the social media platform. These advantages included having one team develop a product – to mobile and quick iterations.

To complete the project Zuckerberg hired react native programmers to help accomplish this goal. With their help, React Native was created and leveraged in app development in Android and iOS.

Why Did Facebook Choose Them?

Originally, Facebook used React Native to help support iOS phones. However, due to the support of Android’s operating system, the library can make UI system for both mobile platforms. And, Facebook used React Native to create the Ads Manager app for Android and iOS platforms. Both applications were made by the same development team.


After using React Native, Facebook noticed performance improvements in their web site’s entire infrastructure. The Events Dashboard is twice as fast and can be viewed easily. A majority of the advances were made for the framework level, which determines if your phone can upgrade to the latest React Native app.


Walmart is already a company that pushed innovative boundaries by having a Node.js in their stack. A few years later, and they revised their app to use React Native.

Why Did Walmart Choose Them?

Walmart has high aims and projects goals since they want to be the world’s largest online retailer. With such large goals, the company has to take risks and bold moves to have a competitive advantage. That’s why they always work to improve customer experience by hiring react native programmers and trying new technologies.


As a result, Walmart noticed an increased performance on their apps and smooth animations. Through using React Native, the company was able to grow and increase the UI of everything placed on their mobile platforms.


Instagram decided to use React Native in their apps starting with the simplest implementation: the Push Notification view, which is being implemented as the WebView. Since the UI was simple, there was no building navigation infrastructure required.

Why Did Instagram Choose React Native?

Instagram’s development team faced problems along the way. However, they improved substantially by increasing developer velocity. Thus, 85-99% of the code was shared between iOS and Android apps. This made it easier for the team to deliver results faster than using a native solution.


Since a lot of big-time companies have used React Native, you can reap the rewards of this program as well. Just hire a team of dedicated react native programmers and motivate and help them complete your project. By doing this, you’ll experience faster app loading screens, greater implementation on iOS and Android apps, and better productivity. So try to use this programming language whenever you can!



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