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Reasons To Consider Adopting IP Telephony System

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People who are still using the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) for their Private Branch Exchange System miss out on fast connectivity, better streaming quality, and more. The costs of the traditional telephony system are also high, and that’s why most enterprises are shifting to the Internet Protocol (IP) telephony system. According to research, people who are moving to IP and VoIP system can save around 90% of their phone charges. There are many more reasons to reconsider this new system, and they are all listed below.

The whole idea of using these tactics has come under increasing question as consumers regard their telephones as a service, not a potential cause of upset.

Reasons to consider shifting to IP telephony system

POTS is in a declining stage, so adopting the IP telephony system will give you the following benefits:

  1. Mobility

If you need to consider remote offices for the enterprise, you need an IP telephony system for sure. Rather than installing many physical phone systems, you have to log in to the system’s web interface, and then add another line. Suppose you belong to the 416 area code and you wish to eliminate redundant telephone hardware, you can help your remote office go completely mobile. Enterprises can scale up the quality of communication with the help of an IP solution.

  1. Phone service

Unlike hardwired configurations of the traditional system that uses T-1 line integration, IP telephony incorporates SaaS. You can integrate the phone system with other business applications like combined emails, customer databases, and SMS services. This technology offers both customers and employees tools to communicate smoothly. It indirectly provides better business outcomes like customer satisfaction and growth.

  1. Transmits multimedia content

The IP telephone system goes beyond voice-to-voice communication. These systems can take conference calls, video calling, and help you have meetings online. You can also stream audios or video that is crucial for your conversation. POTS and legacy PBX system don’t offer you these features. IP telephony system helps you connect from one part of the world to another and eliminates any technical redundancy.

  1. Integrate with current infrastructure

The IP telephone systems can work on the current hardware and legacy systems that you possess. These might include fax machines, credit card readers, alarms, and so on. IP telephone integrates with the business application, and so does the legacy system. You can use email when you need to send or receive a fax. You will find better speed while transmitting credit card details. All of these happen due to your new phone system. IP telephony helps you keep almost everything same but improve efficiency and functionality.

  1. Good on data and bandwidth

One of the significant reasons to shift to IP telephony system is how it impacts the data usage and bandwidth. Traditional methods have seen prolonged silence from either end. It cuts down the bandwidth that might be crucial for work. The advanced IP systems use voice activation detection (VAD) to reduce such silence. When either of the party goes silent, the IP system starts looking for total bandwidth allocation and make the conversation more useful.

  1. Comparatively cheaper

Shifting to a new system brings in a cost consideration for sure. However, the IP systems are relatively less expensive to the traditional methods. Installation is easy and might be possible by in-house network engineers. There are also managers of quality IP systems services who can efficiently install and tell you about the usage. The T-1 lines need the enterprise to pay for the channel even when it is not in use. With the help of Session Initiation Protocol trunking in the new system, you only pay for what you use. It is also through this system that you get private teleconferencing services along with audiovisuals without paying for extra channels.

The IP telephony system benefits are endless, and you must consider switching over to this useful solution. The long distance phone calls now happen within a few seconds and also at a low cost.

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