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Ways to improve your oracle database security

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In light of the ever-increasing data breaches and the subsequent evolution that resulted into regulatory enforcement of technology compliance aspects, to cope with the damages of those security encounters and its massive implications on People and Businesses, Database security and Data protection solutions are gaining more popularity, legal grounds and accordingly budget from organizations to keep those risks at bay. As such, better understanding and perception of database security is becoming required more than ever before.

Database Security aspects and concerns could vary from user authorization, going all the way up to obfuscating Data-in-transit, for example, for the withholding the original sensitive data contents, this, of course, requires technical expertise and elevated system privileges.

In a nutshell, database security revolves around answering four main questions:

  • Who can access? (Authentication)
  • Who can do it? (Authorization)
  • Who can see it? (Encryption and Data-Masking)
  • Who did it? (Audit)

DataSunrise Database Security Suite has an extensive set of features that integrate with Oracle Databases to enforce additional layers of security leveraging the database’s native database configurations while offering granular levels of security control to prevent unauthorized outsider attacks and insider-caused data leaks. Building on DataSunrise integration with Oracle native offerings from RDBMS functionally level up to network and users’ authentications. DataSunrise can integrate with Oracle’s native and is able to analyze traffic generated by various database functions. DataSunrise intelligent traffic analysis algorithms ensure the full support of Oracle technologies, including:

  • DataSunrise Compliance platform enables the organizations to remain compliant with their regulatory commitments always, by allowing the platform to incur automated discovery scheduled jobs and identifying any potential risks.

database security

  • DataSunrise Audit, capabilities for some or all activities against any or particular Objects or Object Groups, giving a high level of granular control over the transactions and queries that occur in the target database. DataSunrise is a containerization-aware platform so it would allow, to target and provision containerized and/or non-pluggable databases from 9i, 10g, 11g to 12c.

  • DataSunrise Dynamic Masking is a great avenue to obfuscate data-in-transit, so this data can be used for testing, development or any other requirement that doesn’t mandate the original sensitive content of the data. DataSunrise can enable to Mask data requested by a particular user, host, etc. The granularity offered in such a way that enables organizations to address any potential security concerns.

  • DataSunrise Data Discovery is an internal facility that enables your organization to promptly identify data and data types that based the organization’s standards and/or its legal obligations would be deemed sensitive information and would require security policy enforcement.

  • DataSunrise Security Access Control enables your organisation to block certain activities from sources of concerns, by blocking certain users, hosts, etc. from accessing certain objects and/or exercising certain privileges.

  • DataSunrise Configuration is the platform’s facility for configuring your Security Policy Metadata, from provisioning databases down to opting out certain queries or objects from Security enforcement. DataSunris is a very intelligent platform that enables your organization to avoid cluttered security records such as auditing unnecessary objects or queries. 

  • DataSunrise Performance monitoring is yet another facility that complements your organization’s performance monitoring arsenal, as it offers the ability to pinpoint potential security concerns while monitoring the performance of the system peeks such as Traffic Buffers, Memory Usage etc.

  • DataSunrise Reporting: Auditing and imposing security rules are great for your security compliance but without proper reporting, all these efforts could be in vain. As such DataSunrise offers the ability to generate reports in different formats and for particular targets while imposing filters on your rules, enabling you to generate entries that relate to your reporting requirements and purposes.

To summarize, organizations need to adopt and enforce policies that would prevent any security threats from inside or outside their organizations. It’s essential to keep an open eye while always being proactive towards any potentially anticipated threats. Organizations shall make regular practices of reporting and analyze monitoring records for identifying and preventing any backdoors or potential risks. DataSunrise can offer a holistic security control levers over your data, which should be treated as your most valuable assets in today’s world we live.

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