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We Fight To Protect Your Rights Under Law 

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Law firm formed by a group of legal professionals, in order to offer each of our clients high quality legal advice, in an ethical, responsible, committed and independent manner.

Professionals with great experience in the practice of law. We have experts in Civil, Family, Criminal, Labor, Town Planning, Business, etc …

Rights Under Law

If you are filing a claim for compensation for personal injury, we can facilitate the entire process. Our expert lawyers will take care of getting the compensation you deserve, and our specialized team of advisors will be at your disposal to keep you informed throughout the claims process.

We are a company that works with the best lawyers and expert doctors in cases of compensation to the worker, personal injuries, traffic accidents, among other cases. We have years of experience helping people who have suffered work accidents, physical discomfort, personal injury or car accident.

We identify ourselves by acting daily and in each case with the highest ethical principles; always finding the way to establish a relationship with our clients, offering them the best legal advice for their cases in a responsible and clear manner, expressing all the assumed agreements and applying all the notion for the solution of each of our cases, ruling our actions under the schemes of justice and trust.

For The Hadley Law Firm, it is extremely important to find a solution to your case in the best possible way, for that reason we offer you a great team of lawyers willing to provide the corresponding legal advice; It is important that you know the rights to which you can choose from the beginning to avoid unfair situations and possible abuses by insurance companies, which in many cases could take advantage of a person’s little legal knowledge about this type of situation.

When an accident happens, we know that it can be a traumatizing experience and a lot of insecurity, so many people fall into the error of not seeking medical help for not having enough money to cover the cost. We know that dealing with lawyers, insurance companies and car repairs is not easy; for this reason, The Hadley Law Firm will provide you with medical care free of charge, receiving a high quality specialized treatment.

Likewise, the lawyers of The Hadley Law Firm in Foley will guide you to complete the compensation papers for your injuries and in this way to be able to provide you with all the information that the lawyer requests to win the case, that is why the importance of not signing any type of document before being evaluated by a medical professional.

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