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A Guide to Selecting a Responsive Website Design Theme for Your Business

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Your company website will very much be your shop window, therefore a lot of thought should go into the design, with colours and graphics that are in line with your company image. Web design used to be an art and the skilled web developer would be much sought-after, yet as time passed, web design and construction got a whole lot simpler, and today there are online web design applications that are easy to use and produce professional looking sites.

Website Design

Online Website Builder

Rather than paying someone hundreds of dollars to build you a website, why not use the excellent website builder by Limecube, a very powerful application that can deliver the right look for your business. This allows you to be in control and whenever you wish to make some changes to the site, you don’t have to use the services of a third party.

Design Templates

When you see an impressive website, you will probably wonder at how complex it is and how much time and effort went into creating it, yet there are what is called “design templates”, which give you a set format of design, into which you can paste your content. Colour combinations matter and with an online website builder, you have literally hundreds of web design templates, and once you have found the ideal template, you can begin to add your content and the end result will be first-rate. There are design templates that you can purchase that are really stunning and such is the wide range of designs, there’s something for every taste. 

Ask for Opinions

It can be difficult for a person to be critical of something they created, so when you have found something you think works, ask others for their honest opinion. Failing that, you can talk to a web design expert and ask for their opinion and with some trial and error, you should end up with a suitable design. Every company has their own unique image and your website should very much reflect this. Your logo and company colours should be used whenever possible, for effective branding. Here is an informative article on best web design principles, which might give you some inspiration. 

Informative and Engaging

The ideal web design is easy to navigate and read, and by creating a blog page, you can make regular posts on all aspects of your industry. Your home page should contain important information and at a glance, it should engage the visitor, with a balance of colour and font and your menus should be in such a place that makes for easy navigation.

While you do want a professional-looking website, you don’t want to pay a lot of money for something you could do yourself with a good online web building application. The process of sourcing such a provider and getting the ball rolling can all be done online and in no time you will be up and running with a professional-looking website. Every business owner is looking to keep costs down and regarding web design, you can end up paying an awful lot, whereas using an online web building application will produce something similar and cost much less.

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