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Coding challenges, the best way to asses yourselves

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If a candidate wants to be a good problem solver then he needs to go for the coding challenges and solve them. If they solve a variety of challenges and quizzes then their ability to solve any problem will increase and they will surely be a good problem solver. They will be expert in programming language and they will be all set to give a face to face interview. Here we have mentioned a few sites that can help the candidates.

Coding challenges


This is a very good place where candidates can know more about the programming. This is where they can also learn the algorithmic challenges. These can be solved online directly. There will be also some small games with single rounds and you can play them as trial basis. If you slowly learn programming then you will definitely be able to become good programmers.


This is a nice platform that offers above 200coding challengesand the candidates will be able to solve them directly. There are ten languages available. There will also be some levels from easy to the challenging one and you are required to take a level that you can solve with ease. There will be some tutorial for better understanding. You can alsocheck the solutions given by others.

Project Euler

In this forum the candidates will be able to see a great variety of challenges and they will be on the basis of computer science and maths. The candidates will have to write down a small program and they need to trace out a maths sum.


There is a facility to discuss with others who are using the same platform. Many of such challenges are here along with a tutorial and that will explain the challenge well. Here is where you will learn how to deal with a problem and how to get a solution to it. Solutions given by other users are not available here. Here you also have chance to get ajob. There are also some chances to get a job. The site will also allow you to apply for some jobs here. There are some big companies that offer some challenges here. If you solve them successfully then chances of you getting a job are higher.


This is a site that is India based. Here you will get to see a great variety of challenges and you can solve a challenge that you feel you can solve. A candidate is required to mention his code there and then he can solve the challenge.


This platform is as same as the first platform and this is aplace where you will be able to see a great series of such challenges. These challenges are funded by some of the big corporates. This is the place where you will be able to find a job for you. If you can crack a challenge then you can get some job here. There are also some good companies who give challenges and hold some competition in order to do the recruitment.


This is a nice platform with a great range of coding challenges. A candidate can solve them directly online. It offers many languages. Once the candidates solve the challenge they will get to see the solution and its explanation. Also they will be able to see the solutions given by some other users of the same site.


This is a very famous forum that offers more than 200 different types of challenges. Also there will be some technical challenges and this will help you to prepare for a technical job. This platform does not allow you to see how others are solving. Once you are done, you will also be provided with a statistic of the solution that you gave. Here you will alsoget a sample interview so that you can prepare for the interview rightly.


Sphere Online Judge is a place that has more than 20 thousands of programming languages. There will be also some contests and puzzles. Also there will be a section were you can have a discussion with others with similar interest. These willalso come with some tutorials that will aid to you to prepare for your interview.


This is not as same as the others. It has its uniqueness. Here you can get a nice opportunity to take part in the code that is game related. The participants will get a whole list of the games that can be played. There will also be some puzzles and contests. The candidates are required to write their codes in the editor provide in the site. There will be more than 20 languagesavailable. Many programmers make use of this as they find this competitive.

If you like the code challenges, then these platforms are best ones for you. You can take a site that is most useful for you. These platforms also help you to get a good job. There are some companiesthat will hold such challenges and contests for their recruitment purpose. This is a fun programme indeed. You can take the challenges andjudgeyour skills. These challenges are easy to understand and simple to solve. The candidates can solve them and have some fun. They also can get a job there.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. This is another nice form where there will be different types of coding challenges for many domains like maths, SQL etc.

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