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Giveaway of IGEO Undelete

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Is it possible to recover deleted files from recycle bin? Thinking that getting back your files or folders that have knowingly or unknowningly but seemlessly been erased from recycle bin has no solution, is a thought that should be treated as a bygone. It is not uncommon to mistakenly delete important files, folders or pictures even from the recycle bin, which later on becomes no less than a shocker. We forget about it or suffer from losses thinking that it now is impossible to rescue the permanently deleted files in any manner. With solutions created to help you out in such a situation, there is no reason for you to worry any longer as you can recover all your shift deleted files and folders easily.

IGEO Undelete

IGEO Undelete is a powerful data recovery software built to recover deleted files from recycle bin. This undelete software easily locates deleted files and recovers them with perfect precision. Its versatile set of features contains many useful options. By just clicking on these options, the entire process of data recovery gets started.

How does it works?

Contrary to what is believed, deleting files from the recycle bin or any other location does not erase the file, in fact it still exists in the computer. This happens because as we command the Operating System to delete a file/folder, the file system simply marks the file or folder as ‘deleted’ and stops displaying it to the user. These deleted files/folders still exists in your hard disk storage area but the space occupied by them can any time be used to store new data. In order to ensure that you recover deleted files from recycle bin, stop using your computer immediately. The process of over-writing on the deleted files takes some time for reuse by other files. The data will remain on the hard drive for a while and thus as soon as you mistakenly delete files make use of IGEO Undelete software available to you as a free download. After using IGEO Undelete there are no chances that you would ever loose important data.

GEO Undelete is one of the most trusted software to recover deleted files available in the market. It comes as a saviour in disguise as it caters to files lost in a variety of situations such as recovery of shift deleted files, files/folders lost after accidental format, recovery of deleted files from recycle bin after emptying it and more. All kinds of files – documents, photos, audio-video which were once deleted can be easily retrieved from your hard disks, memory card, pen drive, USB hard drive etc. Be it FAT16, FAT32, NTFS or NTFS5 based file system, IGEO Undelete will help you recover deleted files from recycle bin with ease.

Recover permanently deleted files in 3 easy steps:

  • Select drive from where files need to be recovered and click next
  • Select scan option – Quick or Advanced and click next
  • Select files/folders from results shown & click recover.

If you believe in the fact that files permanently deleted from your windows PC can never be retrieved, IGEO Undelete is here to prove that notion wrong. Recover deleted files from recycle bin has never been so easy. Download the IGEO Undelete software today and bring back all your lost files with a click.

How to use IGEO Undelete when external drive freezes your computer

Does external hard drive freezes your computer when you open any windows application like windows explorer? In this case, how to get your data back from external hard drive is explained in below simple steps:

  • Download and install IGEO Undelete. Make sure its shortcut exists on your Desktop.
  • Attach external hard drive to your computer. Do not open any Windows application.
  • Launch IGEO Undelete from Desktop. This will display all drives available in computer.
  • Select the drive which belongs to external hard drive and press next button.
  • Select quick or deep scan option and press next.
  • Wait for some time to see your all data on next page of IGEO Undelete.
  • Select any file/folder and click on “Recover” button to save it on your computer.

System Requirements

  • Operating System – Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008 & Windows 2003
  • At least 512 MB of RAM
  • Free disk space – 10 MB (for installation)

In order to install and run IGEO Undelete, it is mandatory for you to be a member of the local administrator group or possess an equivalent level of rights.

Note: Never install IGEO Undelete on the drive from which you want to recover data. Similarly never save recovered files and folders on the same drive from which you are recovering data.

Giveaway details:

The first binary which is free for 6 months is available at:

The second binary where 50% discount is available can be get from: coupon code: IGOUNDCOP02

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