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How Can a Small Business Benefit from a Help Desk Software

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When you run a small business trying to grow, it can be challenging to keep on top of your IT support, and it is easy to allow things fall off in this respect. With IT being core in most business nowadays, it is vital that you keep on top of it because if this fails, the consequences can be pretty drastic. There are many different solutions to this which include an IT software portal that allows companies to track their IT issues. A company needs something straightforward and easy to give them visibility so they don’t lose track and they can action appropriately.

Help Desk Software

Employees Concerns Logged

SysAid’s help desk software is one of the packages that allow the employees to comment against an IT asset and raise a “ticket”. This ticket would then be wholly linked to the IT asset and will enable the work flow through to resolution to be tracked. When employees have an IT issue, you want to make sure that the reporting tool is useful and easy for them to use or they may decide to ignore a simple IT issue. If inaction occurs, a small issue could then grow to be a bigger problem. The employee can write in comments to describe an issue with as much detail as possible and assign it to someone.

IT History

Help desk software is a great way to look at trends of your IT capability. If you have a recurring problem with your IT, then this solution will allow you to see this at a glance and look at the history of the impact on the company or individual. It will also let you run data on how long the IT system affected was down and when it was fixed, by whom and how much it cost etc.

IT Inventory

It is essential for your company asset list that you have a record of all the IT equipment owned by the company. This list should include computers, cell phones, printers, monitors and laptops etc. If this is all then stored on this system, it allows you to immediately understand your full IT inventory for your asset books.

Password Help

How many times do people forget their password and then it causes them time wasted getting into their computer by trying to get it reset. Even if people go on vacation for a few weeks, when they return to work it is a common problem that they don’t have their password and then struggle. The IT help software allows you to then reset passwords from this system (or unlock accounts if they are locked). As long as you do not forget your password for the IT system (if you do it’s not a problem as there is a way to reset). With such a system in place, it will allow for central control over the different apps and software packages to allow for ease of password changes or resetting within the company.

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