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Must-Have Features of an Email Archiving Solution

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Suppose your company has only recently come to the conclusion that you need to adopt an email archiving solution. That is all well and good considering how vital email archiving is as a business practice. There can be various benefits of the mail archiving solution for your business. It helps in reducing the storage requirements, helps to ensure compliance, helps in increasing the server performance, eliminates the PST files, simplifies the backup and restores the files and provides the faster SEO capabilities.

Email Archiving

The hard part is not deciding to use an email archiving solution; instead, the difficulty lies in finding the right solution that fits your company’s unique needs. Every email archiving solution is unique in a sense that each will have standard features and capabilities, but at the same time have some subtle differences regarding additional features. You must learn about the mail archiving solutions before you use it in your business.

What are the essential must-have features of an email archiving solution?

Why do you need email archiving? 

There is no denying that the primary means of communication used by businesses today is through email. Billions of emails are sent worldwide on a daily basis. Each of these emails contains proprietary information and sensitive data, especially if it is an official business correspondence.

Companies often face the dilemma of storage space. A standard solution to this problem is to migrate to cloud business intelligence offered by services such as Azure cloud services. In addition to this, email archiving is also considered a best practice when it comes to keeping old emails stored.

Deleting old emails is not recommended. Instead, you can use email archiving solutions to manage and store important email documentation. Apart from this, the mail archiving solution does have other benefits like help in enhancing the SEO capabilities and also provide better search results. It also provides no email quotes and help in the mail backup without taking lots of space.

Must-have features of an email archiving solution

Choosing to adopt an email archiving solution is always the right decision. When looking for an email archiving solution, here are seven must-have features:

  1. Capability to absorb old emails. When searching for an email archiving solution, it should be capable of absorbing all emails that existed before its adoption. There is no point in adopting an email archiving solution if it will only work for new emails.
  2. The email archiving solution should be compatible with the email software used by your company. For example, there are Office 365 email archiving solutions specific to Office 365 users.
  3. Efficient and effective archiving process. Each email archiving solution offers companies a custom method of archiving company emails depending on how extensive they want the process to be. You should enact complete archiving if you want your company to comply with regulations.
  4. Data storage backup. Having multiple servers to backup data is vital if you wish to have a redundancy system in place; something which is crucial in case of server corruption, data breach, or damage due to natural disasters.
  5. Compliance with government regulations. There are HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley policies with which an email archiving solution should comply.
  6. Method for easy retrieval and search. Everyone in the company should know how to search the email archive and retrieve information. As such, the email archiving solution must have easy to use search method and retrieval features.
  7. Quick integration. Another essential element of an email archiving solution is how fast it can integrate with the company software system.

Cloud business intelligence and email archiving solutions are fast becoming a general practice among companies because of the apparent benefits they offer. Be sure to examine your options to find the perfect solution for your company.

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