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IOTransfer 3 – an iPhone/iPad manager

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If you are looking around for iOS file transfer options, then IOTransfer 3 is the best option available for you. It is best referred as the management tool that is very much effective as converter and online video downloader. The software is effective download manager for PC owners.

IOTransfer 3

The software tool offers with multiple features for users and offers with numerous add on features. Some specs of this software tool are mentioned here below:

  • Offers with single click solution to transfer files like photos, videos, music and contact list. Between the PC and iOS device.
  • It offers with convenience where you can easily important and export file folders between the devices.
  • It also offers with convenience where you can select any file format and delete it from multiple devices like iBooks, voice memos, Podcast and apps.
  • It is well equipped with advanced AIR Trans features that helps you make use of the WiFi options for connectivity so you can speed up the process of file transfer.
  • The file transfer is well integrated with the computer device and other mobile devices.

General IOTransfer 3 specs

Some most salient features of this file transfer system are mentioned below:

  • It is one of the best multi purpose all in one single iPhone transfer software
  • It is also one of the most effective downloader for video file formats.
  • The software is considered as best and most effective video converter.
  • Manages the best area for cache management and all other unused file formats.
  • One of the most important features of this system is that it offers with support in over 14 different languages for users.

Systems requirements

The new IOTransfer 3 is designed to support IOS system and Windows versions for 10.0, 8.7 and 8.1. To make the best use of the software it is important that your system should support at least 2 GB of RAM memory. It is also effective for multiple devices including iPods, touch screen and iPhone.

General review

If you are concerned about making use of best online video downloader, then IOTransfer 3 is the best alternatives. The software tool is effective and offers with best functionality for multiple devices. When using this app you certainly do not have to worry about features that are not functioning perfectly.

The software is of intuitive quality and designed to function uninterruptedly. You can go through numerous positive reviews online and then get started with using it for your benefit.

Easy download

One of the major advantages is that the software is easy to download and install it on your system. The process of launching the software does not take much time and the task can be accomplished within few minutes.

To stay connected to the device you can make use of the USB port option provided. Most options for installing and launching are available on the main menu of the dashboard.

Manage your iPad, iPhone and iPod easily

The process to get started with managing the app is simplified as the application can be used the moment you are connected. Once connected it is possible for you to perform multiple tasks like move files, copy, delete or even move it from one location to another. The options for performing these tasks can be easily searched on the main menu bar. You can also view all file formats on the home screen including video files, photos, music, list of contacts etc.

Direct transfer

Another major advantage is that you can directly select to transfer any file format from one location to another or between the multiple devices. You may only have to make the selection of file transfer option from the home PC menu.

Using the new app tool you can also directly view the contents of each type of file folder from the main storage area and select any action to perform.

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