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Why Node Js has been sublime for eCommerce website development & businesses?

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Node Js has emerged as open-source and cross-platform runtime environment suitable for developing both server-side and front-side applications. As it is an advanced framework of JavaScript, it runs on multiple platforms like Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

The most successful examples for implementation of node Js are PayPal, Uber, Netflix, eBay and Groupon. There are many more, and we will see in this infographic, how they have worked out their ways to the success using this commendable tech:


We suggest you to implement node Js in your next eCommerce project, if you are planning to achieve the following:

  • A universally accepted framework

Node Js is nothing but JavaScript. You can find JS everywhere you look today on the internet. From Payment gateways to service marketplaces, JavaScript has become the backbone of every implementation in 2018. Therefore, if your project is on a universally excepted framework like node Js, It will always be seamless to deploy code universality across your project. Moreover, you will invariably find browsers and the servers that seamlessly support your website.

  • Higher scalability of your eCommerce site

With universally accepted architecture and higher affinity to innovation, you can always count on node Js to include new features according to the changing requirements. You will retain a full control of your node Js backend configuration. You can develop modules to add new functionalities without cluttering the current code.

Stats about node Js implementation in various platforms as of 2017

  • 50% of web services are currently supporting websites with node Js architecture.
  • 35% of data processing applications have achieved server less architecture with node Js.
  • 23% of IoT applications use node Js for faster inter-platform networking.
  • 30% of internet browsers and related tools rely on node Js to offer faster processing of requests.

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