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All Things IoT

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What is it that separates us human beings from other living creatures of planet Earth?

Our curiosity.

Human beings are curious. It is in our nature to question everything. We challenge existing operations and applications and continuously strive to make things better. Such efforts and curiosity promises a remarkable life where machines and electronic devices will become our friend.

Thanks to our curiosity, the vision of making smart machines capable of reducing human labor has turn into a reality in the shape of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to a system of interconnected devices, digital and mechanical machines or objects capable of communicating with one another. These smart devices can capture data which is shared or used by us in our daily life. They can use this data for interacting with us and to complete tasks.

Internet of Things

Some of the real-world applications of IoT (internet of things) which everyone talks about include:

1.    Smart Home

Would you not love to have your air conditioner automatically switch on before you reach home or turn off lights after you’re gone? There are IoT products out there that can make all of this possible.

Smart Home is being loved by technology-enthusiasts and there are several examples of these homes providing a comfortable experience to their owners. Smart Homes save energy, time and money.

2.    Connected Cars

Optimizing the internal functions of vehicles has mostly remained the focus of digital technology. But now, they are taking more interest in enhancing the consumer’s in-car experience. Connected cars can optimize their own operations, comfort and maintenance using internet connectivity and onboard sensors. Several auto makers are working to create connected cars to enhance consumer experience.

3.    Smart Cities

Another interesting application of internet of things that’s generating curiosity is the smart city. Automated transportation, smart surveillance, smart energy management applications, water distribution, environmental monitoring and urban security and some examples of IoT applications we’ll soon see in smart cities.

Problems like traffic congestion, pollution, etc. will be solved by IoT. By installing real-time sensors and using web-based applications, citizens will be able to search for available parking space in the particular area of the city.

4.    Smart Retail

IoT has an enormous potential in a country’s retail sector. Retailers can connect directly with customers and enhance their experience. Smartphones will allow retailers to stay connected with consumers even outside of store. Consumer’s path inside a store can also be tracked and this data can be used to improve the layout of the store for increasing the sales.

5.    Industrial Internet

The industrial sector is also experiencing the impact of the IoT. The internet of things is empowering industrial processes and operations with high-tech sensors, data analytics and software to create smarter machines. With the industrial internet or industrial IoT, machines will become more consistent and accurate than human beings and will replace them in the industrial setting. More productivity and better quality are potential outcomes of industrial IoT.

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