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Data Recovery: How to recover deleted files, partitions and disks

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Here you can find out which services we can offer you in the area of ​​data backup and rescue.

Whether deleted documents, MP3s or holiday pictures: Often the lost data can be restored with little effort. We’ll show you the means by which you can save data from your hard drive, SD card, USB stick and CD / DVD, thus avoiding hassles and costs.

Accidentally deleted documents, videos or pictures are annoying but no reason to despair. As a rule, the lost files can be restored with free software. It does not matter whether it is a hard disk, SD card, CD / DVD or a USB stick. Even with physically defective hardware, the rescue can be done independently to a certain extent. What software you need for iPhone Data Recovery Mac, we show you in this overview.

Restore deleted files under Windows

Regardless of virus, the loose delete key or a defective disk, under Windows you have good cards to recover your deleted files. Obvious is the view into the trash , that does not help or was emptied, jump various Windows tools or tools. In our software archive you will find all discussed tools in the category ” Data Recovery & Recovery “.

Solution 1: If your computer starts, you can use this guide to recover your deleted files . The instructions show you what to look for and which freeware helps you with your problems. For special file types, entire partitions or removable disks, you can also refer to the following instructions.

Data Recovery

Solution 2: It gets more difficult if your Windows does not start up at all. Often the error is then due to a defective hard drive or stubborn viruses. Nevertheless, the files can also be restored here, our author Jan Brack explains in the guidebook ” Windows does not start: This is how the data and system rescue” details what steps you need to perform to recover the data.

Restore deleted files under macOS

Similar to Windows, macOS offers several programs for recovering deleted files. We will explain the data recovery once without additional software from the terminal and in a second tutorial using “MiniTool Mac Data Recovery”. Both instructions can be found here: Data recovery under macOS .

Restore deleted files on an SSD

Deleted or broken files are always annoying, on a SSD is also caution . Unlike “normal” hard disks, the data is stored differently on an SSD. This calls for special software to restore, otherwise rescue attempts could go into the pants. What you have to consider and which software you should use for this clarifies the following instructions.

Deleted partitions, SD cards & USB sticks

If you have accidentally deleted an entire partition, have formatted your SD card or your USB stick, you will find the right software for your problem with TestDisk. Important! In no case write data to the data carrier, whereupon the deleted data was stored. Otherwise you risk losing data. Ideally you will use a foreign system to restore or you boot from a USB stick and restore the files so. For all removable media TestDisk offers, alternatively you can also use Tuneskit here.

Restore deleted data to Android and iPhone

On a smartphone accumulates a lot of data that nobody would like to lose. If you accidentally delete files or have problems with the internal memory on your smartphone , we will show you in separate instructions how to restore pictures, contacts, SMS or WhatsApp messages on your smartphone .

Software tip for recovering deleted files

In our tests and instructions, we used Tuneskit  again and again. The software is easy to use and even recovers files from formatted disks. You will find the download in our software archive, here you will find instructions on how to Recover lost data from iPhone with Tuneskit .

Delete files safely and consistently

Of course there are also reasons for the final deletion. If you want to sell hardware and remove data completely, so that they can no longer be produced with the mentioned options, you must use data shredders or data shredders for deleting files or entire hard disks .

How can I avoid data loss in the future?

And last but not least, annoying yourself because you’ve lost data is now a good time to think about proper backup strategies. Windows, macOS and also iPhone and Android give you a variety of programs and services for this purpose. In our data protection guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Good results

In our test, the program managed in most cases to save the desired data easily. However, this also depends on how bad a disk is damaged and how often and how long it has been used after deleting the data. In an emergency, you can use Mac Data Recovery to do a deep scan and possibly even access the data you are looking for.

If you are looking for detailed menus with many setting options, you will not find it in Mac Data Recovery. However, many users may not miss such menus.

Overall, Mac Data Recovery is a good choice to be as safe as possible in everyday life from data loss and to save money and nerves in an emergency.

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