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Enhance Physical Fitness Level with Remedial Massage Therapy

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If you have an assumption that myotherapy is only meant for people with musculoskeletal abnormalities, it’s time to change the perspective. It is a highly beneficial therapy for sportsmen, gym enthusiasts and even for people who work in corporate world. Regular sessions improve immunity level, muscle mobility and enhance extra strength. While myotherapy massage relieves you of musculoskeletal pain, it can also promote you to be more productive, energetic and happier person. Here you will come to know about some amazing benefits that only a myotherapist can provide.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Myotherapy Advantages for Physical and Mental Wellness

  • Corrects Posture

Alignment and postural issues are first assessed to identify the cause of pain and imbalances in the body and then myotherapy massage treatment is individually tailored to relieve pain and restore problem areas. The most common areas are the neck and shoulder and lower back which stiffen from prolonged sitting. Myotherapy massage helps by lengthening the muscles and isometrically contracting them to improve postural alignment.

  • Reduce Muscular Pain and Stiffness

Myotherapy massage technique and dry needling work together to release and deactivate tight muscular trigger points. Specific stretches are recommended which lighten tight muscles and restore them to their original state. Massage also helps in proper circulation of blood which promotes healing and helps break down any adhesions.

  • Relieves Stress

Modern living can add much stress to an individual’s life. Trying to balance work and family life demands can become quite stressful which can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. Myotherapy massage can lower the cortisol levels and increase happy hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. This helps in relieving stress both emotional and physical.

  • Aid in Exercise Performance

Whether you work out at a gym using cheap weight plates, run, play soccer, perform pilates or yoga, myotherapy massage can help in many areas of exercise performance and longevity. Exercise breaks down your muscle fibres to rebuild strong again. However, overuse or not allowing recovery time can lead to injury which can take a back step on your fitness and health goals.

That is why Body First Health Group, a comprehensive health centre in Dandenong, Australia offers its clients myotherapy massage services to aid in exercise performance. They also offer services such as strength and conditioning, nutrition and supplements.

  • Improve Sleep Quality

Poor sleep is a frequently reported problem in many people, meaning they find it hard to fall asleep or often wake during the night, a combination of stress, muscle aches, pain, cramps and anxiety all cause irritability which can have us tossing and turning at night. Myotherapy massage can address this issue adequately and many people have reported deep and uninterrupted sleep after a massage.

  • Strengthens and Conditions Your Muscles

Strengthening and conditioning are of absolutely crucial for people who are looking to lose weight and maintain their fitness. However, the chances are that while exercising you may get injured due to not using the right equipment or technique or that you do not allow recovery time.

Many people use weight plates to strengthen their core, but this can lead to injury if the right weight plates are not used. You need to have the right equipment which you can easily buy from online sites that are reliable and currently leading in supplying quality products. Undergoing a myotherapy massage therapy can relieve you of the pain and aid in strengthening and conditioning the muscles.

  • Improves Immunity

Myotherapy massage therapy can have measurable biological effects on the immune system. Massage decreases stress hormones and increase the level of dopamine and serotonin which allow the immune system to work more efficiently; additionally, improved circulation and lymphatic draining can boost your body’s ability to heal keeping you strong and healthy. This also helps manage inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

This is how myotherapy massage can be beneficial to you and if you have been looking for an excuse to ignore workout sessions. Improve your daily workout by booking an appointment with your local myotherapy massage clinic. Go here at any working day to get fitness suggestions according to your physique level. They can suggest you with the right workout equipment, their using technique and massage therapies of muscle’s recovery.

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