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IOTransfer 3 – Free Online GIF Maker

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The current dynamics of file mobility in our different devices poses increasingly greater challenges. Many people constantly require passing their files from the mobile to the computer. This can be a cumbersome task if it is an iPhone, however there is a solution. For this we can count on the IOTransfer 3 software.

IOTransfer 3

The advantages of having software that can mesh perfectly with the iOS architecture are great news. Especially when you have a need in regards to transfer of files on your iPhone. In this article I will guide you step by step on the usage and the advantages that IOTransfer has for transference of files.

About IOTransfer 3s

This software consists of an excellent feature specially designed for managing files present on iPhone/iPad and the entire range of iOS device. The same arises from the continuous need of users of Apple’s mobile devices to manage their files. Third-party applications are the option to manage in a timely and efficient way the files of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in a computer for example with Windows.

IOTransfer 3 is not only an application to only transfer files, but also to organize your device. You can import or export a variable number of contents from and to your iPhone, as well as delete various files that useless to you.

What excited me the most is the free online GIF Maker feature, as I’m lover of GIF Keyboard app, GIPHY sites and others. I’ll briefly on the amazing features it has.

  1. Multiple video formats supported
  2. Allowing you to convert videos to high quality animated GIFs.
  3. Easy to use, flexible yet powerful
  4. Offers a useful shortcut, well compatible with all my iOS devices

You can easily make videos to animated GIFs with simple 1, 2, 3 steps.

Where can you find IOTransfer 3 on the web?s

Fortunately, IOTransfer 3 has an official website, where you can interact with a series of user-friendly sections. This software for transferring files from the iPhone is designed so that users can easily link with the application.

In the official page you will see an accurate summary of the functions available in this peculiar application. The most interesting thing is that you can identify the download module completely visible from the beginning. The complete acquisition of the software has a cost; however you can access and use the software with completely free of charge for some basic but fantastic features.

Transfer with just one click

This is the most expedient alternative for the transfer of common files such as photos, audio and video. In this way you can import these files to Windows very quickly to be able to view them on the computer. When they are imported by IOTransfer 3 they are completely visible and reproducible in the computer.

Download videos online

From the function of online video downloads, the application manages you for free the videos you want to download from platforms that allow it. You can automatically save them to your Apple mobile device and enjoy them wherever you are.

How to download and install IOTransfer 3?

I have already shown you the different ways to manage your iPhone file transfer that IOTransfer 3 puts at your disposal. It’s time for you to know how to install it, and for that you must access the download site on its official website. There you can choose whether to buy the full version of the software or choose the trial version with limitations.

Cleaning space on your iPhone

And speaking of space in our mobile device, video compression is not the only alternative that IOTransfer 3 offers us. We also have the alternative of a deep cleaning of the device through the option Deep Phone Clean, with which we will eliminate unnecessary files or of little use in the mobile. This is done by deep scanning of the files on the iOS device.

In my test the software detects all the useless files and cookies that make your iPhone go slower. In that interface you will see an approximate how much space you can save with permanently deleting these files that are really unnecessary. Deleting these files with IOTransfer 3 is a matter of one click, this way you will have more space for your images and your music.

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Linda is a freelancer who loves to write on technology all about gadgets and software. This time, she presents IOTransfer 3, a free GIF maker to easily create animated GIFs with photos and images. Even more, you can learn about more features from all above reviews.

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