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Reasons to Consider Cane Furniture as a Timber Alternative

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Timber wood is the most demanding raw material for furniture manufacturing because of its customisability, softness and elegant grace. Not at present, but timber was always the first preference for manufacturing furniture since the ancient time. There are countless species of trees used in making furniture that becomes very expensive due to the scarcity. Rapid deforestation is one of the major reasons why timber is no longer available abundantly. Consequently, people try finding its alternatives and their search ends with engineered wood, PVC plastic and cane. When it comes to authenticity, plastic cannot stand anywhere. Engineered wood is an option, but its lack of durability is one of the biggest issues. Some people also try recycled timber, but again reliability issue persists. Thus, the only option left behind rattan or cane. Before elaborating the reasons to prefer it, you need to know its origin and manufacturing process.

Cane Furniture

How is cane wood obtained?

The furniture of a cane is in trend since last 2000 years that spread all over the world from Asia. Nowadays, it has become the raw material for fashionable furniture items. As a collective term, furniture made with cane, rattan or bamboo is known as wicker. Cane is identical to bamboo but small in size. Also, it is much durable than bamboo which is hollow from inside. There are forests of cane where it grows much rapidly as compared to trees. Nowadays, people harvest it, especially for furniture manufacturing.

Why is cane a better alternative to timber wood?

1) It is an environment-friendly alternative

Cane is an environment-friendly option because you don’t have to kill the entire plant to obtain manufacturing material. It is one of the fastest growing plants regrows after a certain period of time. On the other hand, a fallen tree is the permanent loss to the environment. Until its roots are alive in the ground, you can harvest the cane several times. Adopting cane material option automatically reduces the burden of trees.

2) Modification capability

You can find the furniture made with the material in amazing shapes. A well-modified chair or table of cane looks much better than timber. Also, it doesn’t require any special polishing. The furniture of cane looks beautiful even without any decoration. Whether you want a large bed or small, tea table, everything is possible with expert hands.

3) Affordable and better than other alternatives

When it comes to an affordable alternative to solid timber wood, cane comes at the first position because of its great look and durability. While comparing with engineered wood or plastic furniture, it is way better and comfortable.

4) Low maintenance cost

The furniture of cane material doesn’t require frequent polishing as you have to deal with timber furniture. It is a robust material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

5) Lightweight

Even with the properties of robustness, cane furniture is lightweight as compared to the timber furniture. You can easily move it for indoor and outdoor use without requiring any other person’s help. It is also a weatherproof material that remains unharmed from the impacts of rain and ultraviolet rays.

Some maintenance tips for a longer life

While cleaning the furniture made with cane, use warm and soapy water. Dampen the cloth in a bucket and rub it thoroughly on your furniture. Now wash the soapy solution with normal water and let it dry for one day. Also, buy the furniture from The Family Love Tree which is a genuine supplier because low-quality furniture items are prone to losing joints. If not assembled with perfection, the furniture becomes flexible and uncomfortable.

These points are enough to explain why furniture made with cane material is a better choice. Not only as an alternative, but you can also consider it as the first preference while buying furniture products for your home, cafeteria or office.

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