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Significant Reasons Why Carpets and Tiles Need Professional Cleaning

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Home is the coziest place where you can personalise everything according to your comfort. Accessories like carpets, cushions, beanbags and mattresses are the best comforters that a person utilises on a regular basis. Carpet is one of the most roughly used things that people ignore while coming from outside with soiled feet. It is a very comfortable accessory that prevents your feet from the hardness of floor and also protects in winter’s cold.

Carpets Professional Cleaning

Similarly, tiles are also generally neglected when it comes to cleaning purpose. Consequently, dirt keeps on sticking on their surface and you will notice dullness in their shine. Here you will come to know about some significant reasons for choosing professional cleaners for carpets and tiles.  

1)   Valuable Assets

Whether it is a carpet or tile, both of them are valuable assets. You cannot spend on purchasing them twice or thrice in a year. Wool was the only fabric of ancient times to manufacture carpets, but now nylon, polyester, acrylic and many other materials are available on the market. On the other hand, tiles are made with ceramic, marble or granite. All these are expensive materials that also require installation charges to fix on the ground. Therefore, cleaning is the only alternative that helps to keep them serviceable for a long time.

2)   Bacterial infestation

A fluffy carpet looks good at first sight but may contain many harmful bacteria and derbies inside if you look deeply. When dirt continuously sticks onside the fibres, it becomes a perfect habitat for bacteria survival. Tiles are also highly prone to bacterial infestation that is not visible with naked eyes. Continuous dirt sticking affects its grace, as well as increases the chances of getting ill due to bacterial infection. Normal cleaning only remove the upper dirt and dust, for in-depth cleanness, you need a professional cleaning expert.  

3)   Tough Stains

Apart from regular dust and soil, there are many factors that badly affect a carpet or tile floor. For instance, blood stains, metal corrosion and children droppings are some elements that are very hard to remove properly. Especially, it is a carpet; you cannot remove the tough stains without the help of professionals cleaner. It is not necessary to hire the cleaners on a weekly or monthly basis. A thorough cleaning twice in a year is enough to keep your carpets and tiles free from tough stains.

4)   Special cleaning equipment

Your household cleaning equipment and chemicals are not capable of working properly on tough stains. Dirt sticking inside the carpet fibres or in the grout needs special equipment and chemical solutions for proper cleaning. The professional cleaners have truck mounted and portable machines that are specifically made for removing tough stains. Your normal household wiper or vacuum cleaner cannot deeply penetrate inside the core of dirt.

5)   Prevent form damage

During the cleaning process, your DIY methods can damage the tiles or carpets permanently. No one wants to take the risk of wiping out the shine of tiles permanently with harmful chemicals or colours of carpet fabric. As you know that these are the valuable assets, thus trust only MCTC which is a professional cleaning agency.

6)   Assurance of quality service

If you clean the carpets and tiles with your own efforts, nobody will be responsible for a quality service. On the other hand, a professional carpet or tile cleaning agency takes full responsibility for quality service. They give you a service warranty of ascertaining time period to build a trust factor.

Whenever you decide to hire a professional carpet cleaning agency, always ask them to show the service license. Also confirm that they are using eco-friendly chemical solutions that don’t cause any harm to humans, pets or plants.

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