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Tips To Digitalise Your Bathroom with Smart Gadgets

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From your wristwatches to light bulbs, everything is getting smarter to provide an utmost comfort level. Artificial intelligence helps in controlling your household devices with just a voice command. All these innovations are transforming human life with a futuristic approach. While upgrading the living rooms, kitchen or bedroom, people forget their bathrooms. It is a common assumption that bathrooms are only useful when you are in a hurry. However, there is a lot beyond taking a quick bath early in the morning. A well-maintained bathroom can be your favourite place to relax after coming back from spending frustrating office hours. In this digital era, you can find many gadgets to install in your bathroom. Whether there is less or more space, digital equipment is suitable for every size of the bathroom. Here are some tips to guide you with the best ideas.

Smart Gadgets

How to digitalise your bathroom with advanced accessories?

1)   Smart Toilet seat

The toilet seat is one of the primary requirements of every bathroom, thus; its selection must be special. Different kinds of models may confuse you thus filter them with your own preferences. While visiting the showroom of Middletons BW, ask them to show only digital models. A high-quality smart seat is equipped with functions like:-

  • Auto adjustable flush settings
  • Water temperature and pressure control settings at different levels
  • Automatic lid opening with motion sensors
  • Auto on and off the lighting system
  • Seat heater for winters
  • Air dryer with weather settings
  • Active carbon deodoriser
  • Remote control to manage settings

Apart from these points, companies add new features in smart toilet seats that you can ask while purchasing.

2)   Smart lighting system

Rather than fixing a typical light bulb in the bathroom, you can also utilise the option of a smart lighting system. Lights are not only meant for flush seat, but you can utilise them at many places like over the mirror edge, around the bathtub or encircling the roof-top. These lights are smart enough to operate with one touch of your smartphone. Pair the system with the help of Wi-Fi and change the colours according to your preference from 16m options. Change the hue according to your mood, play soft music and set your body free in the shower for the utmost relaxation. These lighting systems are now available at online portals and you can install them with the help of a local electrician.

3)   Digitally smart Shower

Showers are now available in digital settings to control various aspects like water direction, temperature and flow. If you are still using a traditional shower mixer, try the digital version at once. Rather than using a lever mechanism, you can adjust shower settings with just one touch. It is equipped with a LED panel that displays water temperature, its flow and the exact pressure.

The digital settings allow you to adjust the shower more conveniently than the manual bathroom supplies. A smart shower also helps in reducing the wastage of water by setting a fixed parameter of water flow. If you set it on automation, the shower will use its sensors to detect the climatic conditions and heat the water accordingly. It doesn’t only involve the touch functions, but also has connectivity options of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to control wirelessly. While

4)   Smart bathtubs

Are you enjoying your traditional bathtub or want something better? Obviously, everyone wants some better change after using traditional bathroom accessories for a long time. The next thing that you can expect is a smart bathtub that you can even operate with just simple voice command or a manual touch panel. These tubs have thermal sensors to sense the temperature and adjust according to the comfort level. The heating modules ensure that temperature remains at a constant level.

Before you visit a showroom or contacting the online sellers of Middletons BW, ensure one thing that the accessories you are buying can easily fit your bathroom. Also, prefer only the international standard certified bathroom fittings for safety concerns especially when electronic or smart factor involves. Digitalizing your bathroom with a smart trash can is also a good choice for you.

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