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Best-3 Free Educational apps. Consume with Benefit!

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Who said that education is too expensive? Well, I was a hostage of such opinion for quite a long time but a little bit of effort saved my money and time. Today I’m going to share my active usage experience of three different educational applications which are available for both iOS and Android. They helped me gain and consolidate new useful knowledge, all thanks to experts’ advice!

Educational AppsPhotomath – stop hating formulas!

I’m not very good at mathematics, to be fair. Some of my everyday tasks require accounting, so I always wanted to find a smart solution for them, and accountant showed Photomath. This gorgeous app is not a simple calculator, because it has one genius distinctive feature. You don’t have to waste time inserting huge complicated formulas ‘cause you can simply capture them with your smartphone’s camera.

It goes like this: open the app, tap “Camera” icon, aim it on a formula and voilá – you instantly receive an answer. For the first few days, I checked answers and compared them with other programs’ solutions. I didn’t catch any mistakes. It really impressed me. The only lag was made by the camera. About 10% of all scans have some mistakes, but it’s not too problematic because you can edit scans by tapping the pencil icon.

The only feature which lacks here is the handwriting option, but I think it will soon come by.

Duolingo – Hola, señora! Danke schön!

To my mind, a progressive human of the 21st century should understand and preferably speak more than one language. This sphere of education will be one of the most demanding through the centuries. Remember my words, offsprings!

I don’t usually have enough time to visit specific courses, so Duolingo helped me a lot. It has comprehensive lessons for dozens of languages. All new vocabulary and grammar rules are easy to grasp in due to thoughtfully developed exercises.

As a lazy student, I swear that this app doesn’t give me a descent! Notifications make me feel guilty every day in a very original manner. On the first day of my twiddling, it says “C’mon, it’s time to study!”. If I neglect it, the next day the green owl says something like “Ok”! If you’re not interested, I won’t bother you anymore. So, I spend at least 15 minutes to complete tasks and tests.

Talking about the quality of such education I’d say – no, you won’t gain advanced knowledge with Duolingo, but you’ll have all basic rules and words stuck in your head.

Kahoot! – gamify group lessons and homework

This app is a great free solution for teachers who struggle to dish up new information to students with friendlier feedback and online supervision. So, here you can easily make quizzes and tests for any subject and share them with a group of people. The toolkit is flexible enough to create many types of challenges to check students’ progress.

However, Kahoot! Is not only about tests because you can be inventive and develop discussions, polls, and surveys upon any topic. Reports are very tolerant, so students can see only the best scores in their group.

I’m not a teacher, but some of my mates from test group use this app and complain about the lack of automatic analysis of students’ progress. They have to spend some time checking answers to understand what problems each pupil has.

All in all, I can’t say that this one is indispensable. There are many similar-slant apps on the market but Kahoot! looks like one of the most minimalistic solutions for fast and creative sharable task-making.

Bottom line 

It looks like we have a good on-the-go educational starter-pack here! Students will enjoy Photomath for saving their time and thank Duolingo for new daily knowledge. Kahoot! Is a nice solution for those teachers who are really concerned about the quality of their professional efforts. Take time, and become smarter every day but don’t forget to rest. It’s the central part of education!

Author bio:

Daniel Wilson, After graduation, I soon understood that the real studying has begun, but I don’t usually have enough time to catch everything I want. My iPhone and Mac became my best teachers. They’re quiet, calm, and I can carry them around to complete tons of tasks including learning new knowledge. That’s what the article’s about.

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